Corcom SR Series Power Inlet Connectors

TE Connectivity Corcom's male and female power line connectors

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom SR Series Power Inlet ConnectorsThe Corcom SR series includes a full line of popular AC receptacles. These male and female power line connectors include snap-in and flange-mounted models. They are now available in 20 A versions with flange-mount and snap-in configurations. These AC receptacles feature a standard IEC60320-1 inlet for power cords and quick-disconnect terminals for load side connection.

Features Applications
  • New 20 A version
  • Snap-in and flange-mounting options
  • Operating voltage 120/250 VAC
  • UL recognized and CSA certified for 20 A at 125 V
  • VDE approved for 16 A at 250 VAC
  • Full line of popular AC receptacles for a variety of applications
  • IEC60320-1 C-13 and C14 inlets rated up to 15 A
  • IEC60320-1 C-19 and C-20 inlets rated up to 20 A
Corcom SR Series Power Inlet Connectors
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector StyleConnector TypeCurrentAvailable QuantityBuy Now
6ESRM-3AC CONNECTOR MALE FLANGEIEC 320-C14Receptacle, Male Pins15A3648 - Immediate
6ESRMC2AC CONNECTOR MALE SNAP INIEC 320-C14Receptacle, Male Pins15A2140 - Immediate
6ESRM-PAC CONNECTOR MALE FLANGE PCBIEC 320-C14Receptacle, Male Pins15A934 - Immediate
6ESRF-3AC CONNECTOR FEMALE FLANGEIEC 320-C13Receptacle, Female Sockets15A317 - Immediate
6ESRFC3AC CONNECTOR FEMALE SNAP INIEC 320-C13Receptacle, Female Sockets15A209 - Immediate
4-1609134-7AC CONNECTOR MALE 20A FLANGEIEC 320-C20Receptacle, Male Pins20A368 - Immediate
4-1609134-8AC CONNECTOR MALE 20A SNAP INIEC 320-C20Receptacle, Male Pins20A216 - Immediate
Published: 2014-06-20