TE Connectivity’s PRO-CRIMPER III hand tools are ideally suited for R&D prototyping, networking applications, commercial, industrial, and institutional maintenance work

Image of TE Connectivity's PRO-CRIMPER III Hand ToolsTE Connectivity has long been recognized as a leader in providing the tools for wire harness and printed circuit manufacturing. There is a good reason. The PRO-CRIMPER III hand tools are designed to meet and anticipate the customers’ ever-changing requirements and built to the highest-quality standards, for the longest, most productive performance lifetimes.

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  • Enhanced ergonomics, with a thin, comfortable handle profile
  • Manufactured with precision stamping that permits close tolerance controls on critical parts, for better performance and repeatability
  • Improved tool geometry for a longer life, stronger tool frame
  • Fits industry’s largest selection of crimp die options


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTool TypeAvailable Quantity
58433-3 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 10-22AWG SIDE58433-3TOOL HAND CRIMPER 10-22AWG SIDEActiveHand Crimper66 - Immediate
58433-3 product page link
58495-1 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 16-28AWG SIDE58495-1TOOL HAND CRIMPER 16-28AWG SIDEActiveHand Crimper104 - Immediate
58495-1 product page link
90546-1 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 14-20AWG SIDE90546-1TOOL HAND CRIMPER 14-20AWG SIDEActiveHand Crimper76 - Immediate
90546-1 product page link
90759-1 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 18-22AWG SIDE90759-1TOOL HAND CRIMPER 18-22AWG SIDEActiveHand Crimper16 - Immediate
90759-1 product page link
58436-3 datasheet linkDIESET HEXCRIMP RG174, 179, 18058436-3DIESET HEXCRIMP RG174, 179, 180ActiveDie Set11 - Immediate
58436-3 product page link
90548-2 datasheet linkTOOL DIESET 18-24AWG UNI-MATE90548-2TOOL DIESET 18-24AWG UNI-MATEActiveDie Set10 - Immediate
90548-2 product page link
58448-3 datasheet linkDIE SET D-SUB CRIMP CONTACTS58448-3DIE SET D-SUB CRIMP CONTACTSActiveDie Set18 - Immediate
58448-3 product page link
58614-2 datasheet linkDIE USE WITH 354940-1 FOR SL15658614-2DIE USE WITH 354940-1 FOR SL156ActiveDie Set12 - Immediate
58614-2 product page link
58436-1 datasheet linkDIESET HEXCRIMP RG58, 62, 5958436-1DIESET HEXCRIMP RG58, 62, 59ActiveDie Set11 - Immediate
58436-1 product page link
679221-1 datasheet linkREPAIR KIT PRO-CRIMPER II/III679221-1REPAIR KIT PRO-CRIMPER II/IIIObsoleteRepair Kit0679221-1 product page link
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Published: 2014-06-12