IP67 Metal Shell ODVA-Compliant Industrial Ethernet Connector

TE Connectivity and Digi-Key introduce a connector with a quick-connect bayonet coupling mechanism

IP67 Metal Shell ODVA-Compliant Industrial Ethernet ConnectorTE Connectivity now offers an even more rugged connector series that meets the Ethernet/IP RJ45 requirements and standards. Adding to TE’s already existing line of ODVA-compliant connectors, TE announces its IP67 metal shell ODVA-compliant connector system. Designed for use in the harshest environments, the connector features a quick-connect bayonet coupling mechanism per the IEC 61076-3-106 Variant 1.

The 8-position plug and receptacle connectors are available either shielded or unshielded, with end caps additionally available to protect unmated connectors. The quick-turn bayonet coupling and positive locking ring help provide reliable connections under harshest conditions. The HBT sealing gaskets are UV resistant. The connectors have an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

The new metal-shell connectors join the expanding lineup of IP67-rated, ODVA-compliant performance connectors suited for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and ControlNet applications. The metal-shell versions are particularly suited to applications requiring extra mechanical and environmental robustness—including industrial machinery, diagnostic equipment, communications equipment, outdoor signs, and theatrical audio/visual equipment for live outdoor events.

Features Applications
  • Reliable connections in harsh environments
  • For use with Cat 5e cable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Compliant to IEC 61076-3-106 - Variant 1
  • IP67 sealing performance
  • Outdoor events requiring sound or video
  • Industrial machinery
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Industrial printers

Ethernet Connector

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2008615-2 datasheet linkCONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C2008615-2CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C219 - Immediate
2008615-2 product page link
2008614-2 datasheet linkCONN MOD PLUG 8P8C SHIELDED2008614-2CONN MOD PLUG 8P8C SHIELDED107 - Immediate
2008614-2 product page link
2008615-1 datasheet linkCONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C2008615-1CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C38 - Immediate
2008615-1 product page link
2008618-1 datasheet linkCONN CAP FOR MODULAR RJ45 PLUG2008618-1CONN CAP FOR MODULAR RJ45 PLUG79 - Immediate
2008618-1 product page link
2008611-1 datasheet linkCONN MOD PLUG 8P8C UNSHIELDED2008611-1CONN MOD PLUG 8P8C UNSHIELDED81 - Immediate
2008611-1 product page link
2008614-1 datasheet linkCONN MOD PLUG 8P8C SHIELDED2008614-1CONN MOD PLUG 8P8C SHIELDED69 - Immediate
2008614-1 product page link
2008611-2 datasheet linkCONN MOD PLUG 8P8C UNSHIELDED2008611-2CONN MOD PLUG 8P8C UNSHIELDED02008611-2 product page link
Published: 2009-08-10