IDC SSL Connectors

TE Connectivity IDC SSL connector series designed for tool-less termination

TE-Amp-IDC-SSL-ConnectorTE Connectivity IDC SSL connector series are insulation displacement (IDC) SMT and through-hole wire-to-board connectors designed for quick, tool-less termination of discrete wires onto LED printed circuit boards. The product terminates 18 through 24 AWG solid and stranded wire utilizing insulation displacement technology to eliminate the labor-intensive task of pre-stripping wires and soldering.

These connectors use TE Connectivity proven insulation displacement technology to provide robust, stable electrical and mechanical power connections to single or multiple printed circuit boards in solid state lighting and non-lighting applications. The IDC SSL connectors are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 positions and feature dual IDC slots for redundancy.


  • LED lighting controls
  • General illumination LED fixtures
  • Connecting strings of PCB LED light modules
  • Non-lighting wire-to-board applications

IDC SSL Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
2106431-2 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 18AWG SMD2106431-2CONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 18AWG SMDIndividual Wires218360 - Immediate
2106431-2 product page link
2106003-1 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 1POS 18AWG SMD2106003-1CONN IDC HOUSING 1POS 18AWG SMDIndividual Wires12272 - Immediate
2106003-1 product page link
1-2106489-3 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 3POS 20AWG T/H1-2106489-3CONN IDC HOUSING 3POS 20AWG T/HIndividual Wires35367 - Immediate
1-2106489-3 product page link
1-2106003-1 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 1POS 20AWG SMD1-2106003-1CONN IDC HOUSING 1POS 20AWG SMDIndividual Wires112595 - Immediate
1-2106003-1 product page link
1-2106431-2 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 20AWG SMD1-2106431-2CONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 20AWG SMDIndividual Wires24797 - Immediate
1-2106431-2 product page link
3-2106751-2 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 24AWG T/H3-2106751-2CONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 24AWG T/HIndividual Wires23143 - Immediate
3-2106751-2 product page link
2-2106751-2 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 22AWG T/H2-2106751-2CONN IDC HOUSING 2POS 22AWG T/HIndividual Wires22034 - Immediate
2-2106751-2 product page link
2106489-3 datasheet linkCONN IDC HOUSING 3POS 18AWG T/H2106489-3CONN IDC HOUSING 3POS 18AWG T/HIndividual Wires32814 - Immediate
2106489-3 product page link
Published: 2010-09-08