IDC Poke-In Wire Tap/Splice

TE Connectivity's IDC poke-in wire tap/splice for commercial ballast lighting systems

Image of TE Connectivity's IDC Poke-In Wire Tap/SpliceIDC poke-in wire tap/splice combination design accommodates quick termination of power wiring (tap) out to individual light fixtures (splice). The two-piece, dove tail housing alignment design ensures IDC termination. The tap wire retention force exceeds 10 pounds.

Features Applications
  • Tap termination allows feed-through in 12 AWG (solid or stranded) or 18 AWG THHN/THWN wire
  • Splice poke-in accommodates two (2) pre-stripped 18 AWG solid wires
  • Cost effective termination system for installation of ballast lighting systems
  • Commercial ballast lighting system

IDC Poke-In Wire Tap/Splice
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTerminal TypeNumber of Wire EntriesAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1811027-2CONN POKE-IN WIRE/TAP SPLC 18AWGInline, Tap113147 - Immediate
1811027-1CONN POKE-IN WIRE/TAP SPLC 12AWGInline, Tap10
Published: 2009-01-28