Grace Inertia 3.3 Connector

Inertia connector for ideal mating reliability from TE Connectivity

Image of TE Connectivity's Grace Inertia 3.3 ConnectorThe Grace Inertia Connector series from TE Connectivity AMP employs an inertia locking mechanism to simultaneously complete the circuit and “lock” the connector for ideal mating reliability and prevention of mismatching. These small wire-to-wire connectors can be used in a wide range of large electrical products from home appliances to vending machines, and are a great solution to eliminate human error during assembly. TE also provides the connector in a urethane coating on PCB boards for usage in a washing machine or other similar applications.

Grace Inertia GIC AMP
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPin or SocketAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1983780-1NG GIC 3.3 REC CONTACT TIN PLATESocket45000 - Immediate
1983780-1NG GIC 3.3 REC CONTACT TIN PLATESocket46015 - Immediate
1565079-1GRACE INERTIA CONNECTOR 3.5 RESocket18489 - Immediate
1565080-1GRACE INERTIA CONNECTOR 3.5 TATab13392 - Immediate
1-1971905-2GRACE INERTIA PLUG HOUSING 4POSFemale Socket19715 - Immediate
1565086-1GRACE INERTIA CONNECTOR 3.5 3PTab2293 - Immediate
1612335-1GRACE INERTIA CONNECTOR 3.5 TATab27232 - Immediate
1565089-1GRACE INERTIA CONNECTOR 3.5 2P-54332 - Immediate
4-1971905-2GRACE INERTIA PLUG HOUSING 4POSFemale Socket21007 - Immediate
2-1971905-2GRACE INERTIA PLUG HOUSING 4POSFemale Socket21004 - Immediate
2-1971905-3GRACE INERTIA PLUG HOUSING 6POSFemale Socket21607 - Immediate
1-1971905-3GRACE INERTIA HEADER ASSY 6POSFemale Socket21566 - Immediate
3-1971905-2GRACE INERTIA PLUG HOUSING 4POSFemale Socket20767 - Immediate
4-1971906-2GRACE INERTIA HEADER ASSY 4POSHeader, Shrouded20400 - Immediate
2-1971906-2GRACE INERTIA HEADER ASSY 4POSHeader, Shrouded20330 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-07-15