Eurostyle Terminal Block Connectors

TE Connectivity and Digi-Key Introduce the Eurostyle Terminal Block Connectors

Eurostyle Terminal Block ConnectorsTE Connectivity's Eurostyle terminal block connectors feature various wire termination methods including rising cage clamp, wire protector, spring, IDC and crimp snap. The design of Terminal Block connectors consists of one-piece board mount terminal blocks and two-piece plug connectors with mating straight and right-angle shrouded headers. A special version - which can be mated either 90° or 180° - completes the product line. Board mount connectors, as well as pc board plugs and headers, are stackable end-to-end without loss of centerline spacing.

Ease of assembly is facilitated by built-in interlocks on the housings. Pre-assembled products can be delivered upon request. Adhesive labels are available to number the cavities. Customer specific labeling is also available upon request. Terminal Block connectors are interchangeable with most existing products and pc board footprint is fully compatible with existing industry standards.

Features Applications
  • High temp and IR reflow compatible versions are available
  • All blocks are supplied with open screws which shortens the time for connection
  • The double captive screw system guards against lost screws
  • The housing material used is halogen-free Polyamide 6.6 per UL 94V-0
  • Corrosive proof plated contacts
  • Industrial Controls
  • HVAC equipment and controls
  • Communications equipment
  • Test and Measurement
  • Fire & Security

Wire to Board Terminal Block Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusNumber of LevelsAvailable Quantity
1546074-5 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK 5POS 35DEG VERT T/H1546074-5TERM BLOCK 5POS 35DEG VERT T/HActive11787 - Immediate
1546074-5 product page link
1-796949-0 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK RCPT WIRE 10POS VERT1-796949-0TERM BLOCK RCPT WIRE 10POS VERTActive1225 - Immediate
1-796949-0 product page link
1546074-8 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK 8POS 35DEG VERT T/H1546074-8TERM BLOCK 8POS 35DEG VERT T/HActive1368 - Immediate
1546074-8 product page link
1-1546074-0 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK 10POS 35DEG VERT T/H1-1546074-0TERM BLOCK 10POS 35DEG VERT T/HActive1388 - Immediate
1-1546074-0 product page link
796683-8 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK RCPT 8POS VERT 5MM796683-8TERM BLOCK RCPT 8POS VERT 5MMActive1360 - Immediate
796683-8 product page link
282837-5 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK RCPT 5POS VERT282837-5TERM BLOCK RCPT 5POS VERTActive1182 - Immediate
282837-5 product page link
282837-8 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK RCPT 8POS VERT .200282837-8TERM BLOCK RCPT 8POS VERT .200Active1219 - Immediate
282837-8 product page link
1546073-4 datasheet linkTERM BLK TOP ENTRY 4POS 5.08MM1546073-4TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 4POS 5.08MMActive1655 - Immediate
1546073-4 product page link
1546074-4 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK 4POS 35DEG VERT T/H1546074-4TERM BLOCK 4POS 35DEG VERT T/HActive101546074-4 product page link
282841-7 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK RCPT WIRE 7POS VERT282841-7TERM BLOCK RCPT WIRE 7POS VERTActive10282841-7 product page link

Header-Plugs and Socket Terminal Block Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
1986300-2 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS STR 5MM1986300-2TERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS STR 5MMActivePlug, Female Sockets1652 - Immediate
1986300-2 product page link
1986300-4 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 5MM1986300-4TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 5MMActivePlug, Female Sockets706 - Immediate
1986300-4 product page link
1-796693-0 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.5MM1-796693-0TERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.5MMActivePlug, Female Sockets323 - Immediate
1-796693-0 product page link
284051-4 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS 10.16MM284051-4TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS 10.16MMActivePlug, Female Sockets318 - Immediate
284051-4 product page link
284047-7 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 7POS 5.08MM284047-7TERM BLOCK PLUG 7POS 5.08MMActivePlug, Female Sockets342 - Immediate
284047-7 product page link
1776038-5 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 5POS 90DEG 5.08MM1776038-5TERM BLOCK HDR 5POS 90DEG 5.08MMActiveHeader, Male Pins, Shrouded (4 Side)347 - Immediate
1776038-5 product page link
284049-3 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS 7.62MM284049-3TERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS 7.62MMActivePlug, Female Sockets53 - Immediate
284049-3 product page link
1546226-4 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS 90DEG 5MM1546226-4TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS 90DEG 5MMActivePlug for Unshrouded Header420 - Immediate
1546226-4 product page link
2-1546931-5 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 25POS VERT 5MM2-1546931-5TERM BLOCK HDR 25POS VERT 5MMActiveHeader, Male Pins, Unshrouded39 - Immediate
2-1546931-5 product page link
796635-3 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS STR 5.08MM796635-3TERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS STR 5.08MMActivePlug, Female Sockets0796635-3 product page link
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Published: 2009-07-01