AMP Economy Power (EP) Shrouded Post Headers

Fully shrouded post header for better mating alignment

Economy Power (EP) Shrouded Post HeadersThe AMP Economy Power (EP) Shrouded Post Headers are an extension of the current EP product offerings. This is a wire-to-board application and features a 0.156 [3.6] centerline system. The AMP EP products provide a complete shrouded header for better mating alignment and also mates with current EP and EPII plug housings with receptacle contacts. The post headers include a positive-lock audible latch.

Features Applications
  • Fully shrouded header helps to eliminate mismatings
  • 2 -12 position vertical headers
  • Mates with existing EP and EPII plug housings with receptacle contacts
  • Straight Mount Angle
  • Material = Brass, PBT-GF
  • Household Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Gasoline Pumps
  • Coin Changers/Vending Machines
  • Industrial Machinery

EP Shrouded Post Headers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusContact TypeAvailable Quantity
1877285-2 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 2POS STR .156 TIN1877285-2CONN HEADER 2POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin6637 - Immediate
1877285-2 product page link
1877285-4 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 4POS STR .156 TIN1877285-4CONN HEADER 4POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin3363 - Immediate
1877285-4 product page link
1877285-7 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 7POS STR .156 TIN1877285-7CONN HEADER 7POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin3792 - Immediate
1877285-7 product page link
1877285-6 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 6POS STR .156 TIN1877285-6CONN HEADER 6POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin1070 - Immediate
1877285-6 product page link
1877285-8 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 8POS STR .156 TIN1877285-8CONN HEADER 8POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin1141 - Immediate
1877285-8 product page link
1-1877285-1 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 11POS STR .156 TIN1-1877285-1CONN HEADER 11POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin1436 - Immediate
1-1877285-1 product page link
1-1877285-2 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 12POS STR .156 TIN1-1877285-2CONN HEADER 12POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin1015 - Immediate
1-1877285-2 product page link
1877285-5 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 5POS STR .156 TIN1877285-5CONN HEADER 5POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin860 - Immediate
1877285-5 product page link
1877285-9 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 9POS STR .156 TIN1877285-9CONN HEADER 9POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin298 - Immediate
1877285-9 product page link
1-1877285-0 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10POS STR .156 TIN1-1877285-0CONN HEADER 10POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin549 - Immediate
1-1877285-0 product page link
1877285-3 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 3POS STR .156 TIN1877285-3CONN HEADER 3POS STR .156 TINActiveMale Pin01877285-3 product page link
Published: 2009-04-10