Ultra-High-Voltage Metal Fitting Terminal Capacitors

TDK's ultra-high-voltage with metal fitting-type terminal for 8 kV+ applications, TSF, H, GA, UHV , FHV, FD

Image of TDK Corporation's Ultra-High-Voltage Metal Fitting Terminal CapacitorsTDK's UHV and FHV series high-voltage ceramic capacitors feature low dissipation and excellent voltage-capacitance characteristics using patented strontium titanate (SrTiO3) for dielectric material. They are epoxy-encapsulated to meet requirements of high-voltage applications. The TSF, H, and GA series are applicable to Gas Insulated Switchgear. TDK’s FD series are molded from resins that provide outstanding insulation and moisture resistance, these capacitors are ideal for high-voltage power circuits in electrical power transmission and receiving devices.


Features Applications
  • Small size
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Excellent voltage-capacitance characteristics
  • Screw terminals for easy mounting
  • FHV series: High-capacitance and low-temperature characteristics of capacitance
  • High-voltage power supplies
  • Laser equipment

TSF, H, GA Series

Features Applications
  • Small size
  • Strong in the impulse voltage
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Excellent voltage-capacitance characteristics
  • High-capacitance and low-temperature characteristics of capacitance
  • High-voltage surge absorber, gas circuit breaker in electric power transmitter and receiver devices, lightening arresters
  • Improve the voltage distribution of high-voltage bushings and more
  • Also for voltage distribution elements for the high-voltage measuring devices
  • For impedance adjustment of a transformers and high-voltage AC circuits
  • It is possible to use it in the SF6 gas

FD Series

Features Applications
  • They are compact in size and exhibit excellent low-loss, low-distortion characteristics
  • Capacitance values are largely unaffected by variations in applied voltage
  • Internal screw thread design simplifies mounting requirements
  • High-voltage surge absorbers, gas circuit breakers in electrical power transmission and receiving devices, and lightning arresters
  • Voltage distribution elements in high-voltage measuring devices
  • Impedance matching in transformers and high-voltage AC circuits

UHV Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
UHV-251A datasheet linkCAP CER 100PF 50KV Z5T DISKUHV-251ACAP CER 100PF 50KV Z5T DISK449 - Immediate
UHV-251A product page link
UHV-10A datasheet linkCAP CER 560PF 50KV Z5T DISKUHV-10ACAP CER 560PF 50KV Z5T DISK139 - Immediate
UHV-10A product page link
UHV-2A datasheet linkCAP CER 2500PF 20KV Z5T DISKUHV-2ACAP CER 2500PF 20KV Z5T DISK512 - Immediate
UHV-2A product page link
UHV-3A datasheet linkCAP CER 4000PF 20KV Z5T DISKUHV-3ACAP CER 4000PF 20KV Z5T DISK197 - Immediate
UHV-3A product page link
UHV-12A datasheet linkCAP CER 1700PF 50KV Z5T DISKUHV-12ACAP CER 1700PF 50KV Z5T DISK141 - Immediate
UHV-12A product page link
UHV-4A datasheet linkCAP CER 940PF 30KV Z5T DISKUHV-4ACAP CER 940PF 30KV Z5T DISK116 - Immediate
UHV-4A product page link
UHV-11A datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 50KV Z5T DISKUHV-11ACAP CER 1000PF 50KV Z5T DISK87 - Immediate
UHV-11A product page link
UHV-253A datasheet linkCAP CER 400PF 50KV Z5T DISKUHV-253ACAP CER 400PF 50KV Z5T DISK62 - Immediate
UHV-253A product page link
UHV-241A datasheet linkCAP CER 100PF 40KV Z5T DISKUHV-241ACAP CER 100PF 40KV Z5T DISK36 - Immediate
UHV-241A product page link
UHV-252A datasheet linkCAP CER 200PF 50KV Z5T DISKUHV-252ACAP CER 200PF 50KV Z5T DISK52 - Immediate
UHV-252A product page link
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FHV Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
FHV-9AN datasheet linkCAP CER 2600PF 40KV Y5S DISKFHV-9ANCAP CER 2600PF 40KV Y5S DISK175 - Immediate
FHV-9AN product page link
FHV-3AN datasheet linkCAP CER 5200PF 20KV Y5S DISKFHV-3ANCAP CER 5200PF 20KV Y5S DISK39 - Immediate
FHV-3AN product page link
FHV-6AN datasheet linkCAP CER 3500PF 30KV Y5S DISKFHV-6ANCAP CER 3500PF 30KV Y5S DISK84 - Immediate
FHV-6AN product page link
FHV-11AN datasheet linkCAP CER 1300PF 50KV Y5S DISKFHV-11ANCAP CER 1300PF 50KV Y5S DISK78 - Immediate
FHV-11AN product page link
FHV-12AN datasheet linkCAP CER 2100PF 50KV Y5S DISKFHV-12ANCAP CER 2100PF 50KV Y5S DISK25 - Immediate
FHV-12AN product page link
FHV-10AN datasheet linkCAP CER 700PF 50KV Y5S DISKFHV-10ANCAP CER 700PF 50KV Y5S DISK34 - Immediate
FHV-10AN product page link
FHV-153AN datasheet linkCAP CER 7000PF 15KV Y5S DISKFHV-153ANCAP CER 7000PF 15KV Y5S DISK38 - Immediate
FHV-153AN product page link
FHV-2AN datasheet linkCAP CER 3000PF 20KV Y5S DISKFHV-2ANCAP CER 3000PF 20KV Y5S DISK33 - Immediate
FHV-2AN product page link
FHV-4AN datasheet linkCAP CER 1200PF 30KV Y5S DISKFHV-4ANCAP CER 1200PF 30KV Y5S DISK23 - Immediate
FHV-4AN product page link
FHV-7AN datasheet linkCAP CER 850PF 40KV Y5S DISKFHV-7ANCAP CER 850PF 40KV Y5S DISK24 - Immediate
FHV-7AN product page link
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TSF/GA Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TSF-40C datasheet linkCAP CER 1080PF 20KV Z5T DISKTSF-40CCAP CER 1080PF 20KV Z5T DISK30 - Immediate
TSF-40C product page link
GA-14 datasheet linkCAP CER 1700PF 10KV Z5T BUTTONGA-14CAP CER 1700PF 10KV Z5T BUTTON48 - Immediate
GA-14 product page link

FD Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
FD-9AU datasheet linkCAP CER 100PF 10KV Y5P DISKFD-9AUCAP CER 100PF 10KV Y5P DISK12 - Immediate
FD-9AU product page link
FD-16AU datasheet linkCAP CER 250PF 13KV Y5P DISKFD-16AUCAP CER 250PF 13KV Y5P DISK6 - Immediate
FD-16AU product page link
FD-18AU datasheet linkCAP CER 500PF 13KV Y5P DISKFD-18AUCAP CER 500PF 13KV Y5P DISK7 - Immediate
FD-18AU product page link
FD-20AU datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 13KV Y5P DISKFD-20AUCAP CER 1000PF 13KV Y5P DISK8 - Immediate
FD-20AU product page link
FD-33AU datasheet linkCAP CER 250PF 25KV Y5P DISKFD-33AUCAP CER 250PF 25KV Y5P DISK11 - Immediate
FD-33AU product page link
FD-12AU datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 10KV Y5P DISKFD-12AUCAP CER 1000PF 10KV Y5P DISK0FD-12AU product page link
FD-10AU datasheet linkCAP CER 250PF 10KV Y5P DISKFD-10AUCAP CER 250PF 10KV Y5P DISK0FD-10AU product page link
FD-11AU datasheet linkCAP CER 500PF 10KV Y5P DISKFD-11AUCAP CER 500PF 10KV Y5P DISK1 - Immediate
FD-11AU product page link
FD-22AU datasheet linkCAP CER 250PF 20KV Y5P DISKFD-22AUCAP CER 250PF 20KV Y5P DISK1 - Immediate
FD-22AU product page link
FD-36AU datasheet linkCAP CER 500PF 25KV Y5P DISKFD-36AUCAP CER 500PF 25KV Y5P DISK3 - Immediate
FD-36AU product page link
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Published: 2013-11-12