MHQ-P Series Super-High Q Multilayer RF Inductors

TDK’s MHQ-P series is a multilayer inductor with a very high Q

Image of TDK MHQ P Series InductrosTDK’s MHQ-P series is available in two case sizes. MHQ1005P (EIA 0402) and MHQ0603P (EIA 0201). Because of its much-higher quality factor, there is lower signal loss. The MHQ-P series contributes to improved performance of RF circuitry in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more. The high Q is achieved by means of advanced internal-electrode design, which lowers parasitic effects and results in a higher self-resonant frequency. The performance of the MHQ-P is comparable to that of wire-wound inductor technologies.

Features and Benefits
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Available in narrow inductance tolerances
  • Availability in EIA0402 and EIA0201 case sizes
  • Land-pattern compatibility with industry wire-wound technology
  • Super-high Q factor comparable to industry wire-wound technology
  • Wide range of inductance values in fine steps for design flexibility
  • Smartphones
  • Tablet PCs
  • Base stations
  • Other RF devices
  • Automotive equipment
  • Wireless interfaces (Bluetooth, W-LAN)
  • High-frequency modules (PA’s, VCOs, FEM)

MHQ-P Series Inductors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MHQ1005P4N7ST000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.7NH 800MA 110 MOHMMHQ1005P4N7ST000FIXED IND 4.7NH 800MA 110 MOHM24850 - Immediate
MHQ1005P4N7ST000 product page link
MHQ1005P43NJT000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 43NH 190MA 1.6 OHM SMDMHQ1005P43NJT000FIXED IND 43NH 190MA 1.6 OHM SMD12443 - Immediate
MHQ1005P43NJT000 product page link
MHQ1005P1N0ST000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 1NH 1.2A 30 MOHM SMDMHQ1005P1N0ST000FIXED IND 1NH 1.2A 30 MOHM SMD28372 - Immediate
MHQ1005P1N0ST000 product page link
MHQ1005P1N5ST000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 1.5NH 1A 40 MOHM SMDMHQ1005P1N5ST000FIXED IND 1.5NH 1A 40 MOHM SMD22871 - Immediate
MHQ1005P1N5ST000 product page link
MHQ1005P2N0ST000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 2NH 1A 50 MOHM SMDMHQ1005P2N0ST000FIXED IND 2NH 1A 50 MOHM SMD28213 - Immediate
MHQ1005P2N0ST000 product page link
MHQ1005P4N3ST000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.3NH 800MA 110 MOHMMHQ1005P4N3ST000FIXED IND 4.3NH 800MA 110 MOHM25208 - Immediate
MHQ1005P4N3ST000 product page link
MHQ1005P12NJT000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 12NH 450MA 240 MOHMMHQ1005P12NJT000FIXED IND 12NH 450MA 240 MOHM22054 - Immediate
MHQ1005P12NJT000 product page link
MHQ1005P15NJT000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 15NH 400MA 280 MOHMMHQ1005P15NJT000FIXED IND 15NH 400MA 280 MOHM23212 - Immediate
MHQ1005P15NJT000 product page link
MHQ1005P1N0CT000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 1NH 1.2A 30 MOHM SMDMHQ1005P1N0CT000FIXED IND 1NH 1.2A 30 MOHM SMD12199 - Immediate
MHQ1005P1N0CT000 product page link
MHQ1005P1N2CT000 datasheet linkFIXED IND 1.2NH 1.2A 30 MOHM SMDMHQ1005P1N2CT000FIXED IND 1.2NH 1.2A 30 MOHM SMD10624 - Immediate
MHQ1005P1N2CT000 product page link
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Published: 2013-10-14