TDK-Lambda expands their line of DC/DC converters for a Simplified DPA Approach

TDK-Lambda has expanded its impressive line of DC-DC converters with the introduction iQE, iQG, and iQL series of quarter brick DC/DC converters, and the iAF, iBF, iCF, and iCG series non-isolated SMT DC/DC converters to meet customers' challenges in designing a Distributed Power Architecture.

Quarter Brick DC/DC Converters

Quarter Brick converters have been designed with confined space and demanding thermal environments in mind as required in telecom, datacom, wireless, and many other applications including test and measurement, broadcast, robotics, and industrial controls. Moreover, these open-frame modules feature operating efficiencies up to 95%, 230 W per cubic inch power density, and up to 60 A of useable output current. All models include full electrical isolation up to 1500 VDC, and a fixed switching frequency that substantially reduces the potential for system level EMI issues. Metal baseplates on most models to facilitate conduction cooling when needed.

These fully regulated DC/DC converters are ideal for powering distributed, intermediate, and Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) bus applications. The converters adhere to a wide range of national and international safety standards, including UL60950-1, CSA22.2, and VDE CB scheme (IEC/EN60950-1). In addition, they are RoHS compliant. 

Digi-Key P/N TDK-Lambda P/N Description  
285-2224-ND IQE24024A050V001R CONVRTR DC-DC 5V 24A 120W PCB Datasheet
285-2225-ND IQE48030A050V001R CONVRTR DC-DC 5V 30A 150W PCB Datasheet
285-2226-ND IQE4W011A120V001R CONVRTR DC-DC 12V 11A 132W PCB Datasheet
285-2227-ND IQG48033A120V1D9R CPNVRTR DC-DC 12V 33A 396W PCB Datasheet
285-2228-ND IQL24021A120V009R CONVRTR DC-DC 12V 21A 252W PCB Datasheet

2nd Generation DOSA SMT PoL Converters

Key advantages of the DOSA-2 models include high power densities; no external tuning components (plug and play), low profiles, high efficiencies, and Edge Plated Castellation (EPC) pads for easy SMT solder joint inspections. These converters are ideal for harsh telecom/broadcast mast mounted applications, as well as industrial, test and measurement, and medical equipment.

The DOSA-2 product line is comprised of four series with output current/power ratings as follows: iCF: 3 A/16.5 W; iCG: 6 A/33 W; iBF: 12 A/66 W; and the iAF: 20 A/110 W. Each operates with a wide input voltage range of either 4.5 V to 14 V or 2.4 V to 5.5 V, and features adjustable output voltages from either 0.7 V to 5.5 V, or 0.6 V to 3.63 V, with conversion efficiencies up to 97%. These miniature 2nd generation DOSA modules range in size from 12.2 mm x 12.2 mm x 4.45 mm (less than 0.5 square inch) to 33 mm x 13.46 mm x 7.75 mm. Optional LGA (Land Grid Array) SMT solder pads are available instead of the standard EPC pads. 

Digi-Key P/N TDK-Lambda P/N Description  
285-2229-1-ND IAF05020A006V-003-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 20A SMD Datasheet
285-2230-1-ND IAF05020A006V-007-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 20A SMD Datasheet
285-2170-1-ND IAF12020A007V003R DC/DC CONVRTR 0.7V-5.5V 20A SMD Datasheet
285-2231-1-ND IAF12020A007V-007-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.7-5.5V 20A SMD Datasheet
285-2232-1-ND IBF05012A006V-003-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 12A SMD Datasheet
285-2233-1-ND IBF05012A006V-007-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 12A SMD Datasheet
285-2169-1-ND IBF12012A007V003R DC/DC CONVERTR 0.7V-5.5V 12A SMD Datasheet
285-2234-1-ND IBF12012A007V-007-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.7-5.5V 12A SMD Datasheet
285-2236-1-ND ICG05006A006V-003-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 6A SMD Datasheet
285-2167-1-ND ICG12006A007V003R DC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-5.5V 6A SMD Datasheet
285-2235-1-ND ICF05003A006V-003-R CONVRTR DC/DC 0.6-3.63V 3A SMD Datasheet
285-2168-1-ND ICF12003A007V003R DC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-5.5V 3A SMD Datasheet

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