Lithium Ion Capacitors

Lithium Ion Capacitors with long life and high temperature reliability from Taiyo Yuden

Image of Taiyo Yuden's Lithium Ion CapacitorsTaiyo Yuden's cylindrical Lithium Ion Capacitor offers high energy density and high reliability. Combining the strength of lithium-ion secondary batteries with conventional Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), this next-generation energy device offers a power density four times greater than EDLCs. These supercapacitors are available in dimensions as small as 35 mm x 12.5 mm and in capacitances as high as 270 F.

Taiyo Yuden’s Lithium Ion Capacitor boasts the key features of batteries (high voltage and energy) while maintaining the traditional characteristics of capacitors (rapid charge/discharge, high durability, safety and environmental friendliness). Unlike batteries, Lithium Ion Capacitors have no risk of thermal runaway and have extremely-low self-discharge, even in high heat environments.

"Lithium Pre-Dope" technology is the key in achieving these characteristics. Lithium pre-doping stores lithium ions at the negative electrode in advance, and enables energy to be used more efficiently and cycle life to be increased.

Taiyo Yuden Lithium Ion Capacitors are ideal for applications requiring a small footprint, long life, and reliability in high temperatures. Lithium Ion Capacitors also have a higher capacity than EDLCs, making them ideal for use as a backup power source in servers and storage devices for integrated circuits, memory, and processors, and to ensure data backup and safe shutdown during power outages. The Lithium Ion Capacitor is also effective in small devices and factory automation equipment (i.e. robotics, PLCs, and servo drives). Furthermore, in applications containing a battery, Lithium Ion Capacitors are able to extend battery life, decreasing the need for battery replacement, and can serve as a replacement for the battery itself.

Lithium Ion Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
CAP LITHIUM-ION 40F 20% 3.8V T/HLIC1235R3R8406CAP LITHIUM-ION 40F 20% 3.8V T/H40F±20%1260 - Immediate
LIC1235R3R8406 product page link
CAP LITHIUM-ION 100F 20% 3.8V THLIC1840R3R8107CAP LITHIUM-ION 100F 20% 3.8V TH100F±20%16 - Immediate
LIC1840R3R8107 product page link
CAP LITHIUM-ION 200F 20% 3.8V THLIC2540R3R8207CAP LITHIUM-ION 200F 20% 3.8V TH200F±20%79 - Immediate
LIC2540R3R8207 product page link
CAP LITHIUM-ION 270F 20% 3.8V THLIC2540R3R8277CAP LITHIUM-ION 270F 20% 3.8V TH270F±20%92 - Immediate
LIC2540R3R8277 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-10