Pre-Cut Thermal Insulator Pads

t-Global's comprehensive range of pre-cut thermal insulator pads conveniently manage thermal transfer and electrical insulation

Image of t-Global Technology's Pre-Cut Thermal Insulator Padst-Global's comprehensive range of pre-cut thermal insulator pads can be supplied with or without adhesive and, offer the engineer the ultimate convenience for the management of thermal transfer and electrical insulation for a vast range of devices. t-Global can also custom cut parts to your drawing, and with a low MOQ and short lead time, this gives significant cost benefits.

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Pre-Cut Thermal Insulator Pads
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
THERMAL PAD H48-2K TO-220 0.1MMDC0011/08-H48-2K-0.1THERMAL PAD H48-2K TO-220 0.1MM3201 - Immediate
L37-3F TO-220 0.25MM W/ADHDC0011/10-L37-3F-0.25-2AL37-3F TO-220 0.25MM W/ADH1103 - Immediate
THERM PAD POWER MOD 0.12MMDC0021/01-TI900-0.12THERM PAD POWER MOD 0.12MM247 - Immediate
L37-3F RECT 0.25MM W/ADHDC0019/01-L37-3F-0.25-2AL37-3F RECT 0.25MM W/ADH461 - Immediate
H48-6G TO-220 0.3MM W/ADHDC0011/06-H48-6G-0.3-2AH48-6G TO-220 0.3MM W/ADH290 - Immediate
THERMAL PAD H48-2 TO-3 2MMDC0001/06-H48-2-2.0THERMAL PAD H48-2 TO-3 2MM0
TI900 TO-3 4LEAD 0.12MM W/ADHDC0003/02-TI900-0.12-2ATI900 TO-3 4LEAD 0.12MM W/ADH0
H48-6G TO-3 4LEAD 0.3MM W/ADHDC0003/02-H48-6G-0.3-2AH48-6G TO-3 4LEAD 0.3MM W/ADH0
PC99AL RESISTOR 19X20.3X0.1MMDC0041/01-PC99AL-0.1PC99AL RESISTOR 19X20.3X0.1MM0
PC99 RESISTOR 19X20.3X0.06MMDC0041/01-PC99-0.06PC99 RESISTOR 19X20.3X0.06MM0
Published: 2014-04-14