ME Series of MagLev Fans

Sunon and Digi-Key introduce a new generation of MagLev fans

Image of Sunon's ME Series Fans With the introduction of MagLev technology, Sunon offers optimized performance on the long-term with low noise levels. Going one step further, Sunon introduces the new generation of MagLev fans, the ME series.

This series is designed and engineered with a new bearing system to maximize the air flow and the fan operating life time. Incorporating highly precise components and new impeller design, this series offers a good compromise between quality and price.

The standard size for ME fans ranges from 80 x 80 x 25 mm to 120 x 120 x 38 mm. They are available with various speeds and voltages. Options like a frequency generator and rotation detector are also available for customizing purposes.

Features Applications
  • Lower noise
  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher reliability
  • Longer life
  • Cost effective
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Information systems
  • Network communications
  • Digital appliances
  • Heavy industry
  • Medical
  • Opto-electronics
  • Automobile sector

DR MagLev

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWidthAvailable Quantity
EE80251S2-000U-999 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25MM 12VDC WIREEE80251S2-000U-999FAN AXIAL 80X25MM 12VDC WIRE25mm988 - Immediate
EE80251S2-000U-999 product page link
EE80251S1-000U-A99 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25MM 12VDC WIREEE80251S1-000U-A99FAN AXIAL 80X25MM 12VDC WIRE25mm145 - Immediate
EE80251S1-000U-A99 product page link
MB50151V2-000U-A99 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 50X15MM 12VDC WIREMB50151V2-000U-A99FAN AXIAL 50X15MM 12VDC WIRE15.00mm2069 - Immediate
MB50151V2-000U-A99 product page link
MB40101V2-000U-A99 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIREMB40101V2-000U-A99FAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIRE10.00mm19752 - Immediate
MB40101V2-000U-A99 product page link
ME40101VX-000U-A99 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIREME40101VX-000U-A99FAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIRE10.00mm6791 - Immediate
ME40101VX-000U-A99 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWidthAvailable Quantity
KDE1205PFVX.11.MS.A.GN datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 50X10MM 12VDC WIREKDE1205PFVX.11.MS.A.GNFAN AXIAL 50X10MM 12VDC WIRE10.00mm3263 - Immediate
KDE1205PFVX.11.MS.A.GN product page link
KDE1204PFV3 11.MS.B981.A.GN datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIREKDE1204PFV3 11.MS.B981.A.GNFAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIRE10.00mm1454 - Immediate
KDE1204PFV3 11.MS.B981.A.GN product page link
KDE0505PHV2.MS.A.GN datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 50X15MM VAPO 5VDC WIREKDE0505PHV2.MS.A.GNFAN AXIAL 50X15MM VAPO 5VDC WIRE15.00mm1690 - Immediate
KDE0505PHV2.MS.A.GN product page link
HA30101V3-000U-A99 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 30X10MM 12VDC WIREHA30101V3-000U-A99FAN AXIAL 30X10MM 12VDC WIRE10.00mm319 - Immediate
HA30101V3-000U-A99 product page link
GB1205PHVX-8AY.GN datasheet linkFAN BLOWER 51.6X15MM 12VDC WIREGB1205PHVX-8AY.GNFAN BLOWER 51.6X15MM 12VDC WIRE15.00mm2808 - Immediate
GB1205PHVX-8AY.GN product page link
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Published: 2013-04-08