3.0 x 2.0 mm Oval Lens PLCC2 SMD LED

SunLED's XZxx105S series offers a compact LED for a wide range of applications

Image of SunLED's 3.0 x 2.0 mm Oval Lens PLCC2 SMD LEDSunLED is constantly striving to provide engineers with more design flexibility and is proud to announce an addition to SMD LEDs. With a standard package dimension of 3.0 x 2.0 mm and standing just 1.3 mm high, the XZxx105S series is a compact LED suitable for a wide range of applications. With SunLED's developments, this LED is able to offer superior light output in a uniformly distributed 125° Lambertian pattern while operating at a mere 20 mA typical. The low thermal resistance provides solid reliability and unmatched performance. The XZxx105S series are now available in all standard colors and various intensities, including our Ultra-Bright 'M2 Series'. Exceptional package for backlighting, icon indication, medical equipment, consumer devices, automotive gauges, and handheld devices.


  • High brightness with low current 20 mA operation
  • Compact Size: 3.0 x 2.0 mm, 1.3 mm Height
  • Wide emission angle: 125° Viewing Angle (Lambertian Distribution)
  • Large Selection of Available Colors


  • Backlighting
  • Icon Indication
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automotive Gauges
  • Consumer Devices
  • Hand Held Devices
3.0 x 2.0 mm Oval Lens PLCC2 SMD LED
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorWavelength - DominantAvailable QuantityBuy Now
XZM2ACR105SLED 3.0X2.0MM UL RD WTR CLR SMDRed625nm3223 - Immediate
XZVG105SLED 3.0X2.0MM GRN WTR CLR SMDGreen570nm2000 - Immediate
XZMDK105SLED 3.0X2.0MM RED WTR CLR SMDRed630nm4000 - Immediate
XZMYK105SLED 3.0X2.0MM YLW WTR CLR SMDYellow590nm2000 - Immediate
XZCBD105SLED 3.0X2.0MM BLUE WTR CLR PLCCBlue465nm1950 - Immediate
XZDG105SLED 3.0X2.0MM TGRN WTR CLR SMDGreen525nm1522 - Immediate
XZM2ACY105SLED 3.0X2.0MM UL YW WTR CLR SMDYellow590nm474 - Immediate
Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorWavelength - DominantAvailable QuantityBuy Now
XZFBB45SLED 3.5X2.8MM BLUE PLCC SMDBlue470nm3764 - Immediate
XZVG45SLED 3.5X2.8MM GREEN PLCC SMDGreen570nm5795 - Immediate
XZMYK45SLED 3.5X2.8MM YLW PLCC SMDYellow590nm2043 - Immediate
XZM2ACR45SLED 3.5X2.8MM ULT RED PLCC SMDRed625nm7333 - Immediate
XZM2DG45SLED 3.5X2.8MM TRUE GRN PLCC SMDGreen525nm2612 - Immediate
XZFBB45SBLED 3.5X2.8MM BLUE NINJA BK PLCCBlue470nm2065 - Immediate
XZM2DG45SBLED 3.5X2.8MM UGRN NINJA BK PLCCGreen525nm2389 - Immediate
XZMDK45SLED 3.5X2.8MM RED PLCC SMDRed630nm1808 - Immediate
XZM2ACY45SLED 3.5X2.8MM ULT YLW PLCC SMDYellow590nm791 - Immediate
XZM2ACY45SBLED 3.5X2.8MM UYLW NINJA BK PLCCYellow590nm490 - Immediate
XZM2ACR45SBLED 3.5X2.8MM URED NINJA BK PLCCRed625nm440 - Immediate
Published: 2014-05-02