.100” Brass Header

Sullins Connector Solutions offers a low-cost .100" brass header series

Image of Sullins Connector Solutions' .100” Brass Header SeriesSullins’ .100” (2.54 mm) pitch economy headers are available in single- or dual-row configurations and in various termination styles including straight dip solder, right angle dip solder, surface mount, and horizontal surface mount.  They are available in various contact lengths and insulator height options to provide unparalleled design flexibility. These parts are RoHS-compliant and constructed of UL94V-0 rated materials. Material options are available for solder-reflow temperatures up to 260°C, and operating temperatures of –40°C to 125°C.

Sullins’ .100” (2.54 mm) pitch economy header series is specifically engineered for employment in a wide range of applications.  Boasting superior signal performance to ensure the reliability and integrity of connections, they may be confidently specified for general industrial and commercial applications, and are commonly used on PCBs in testing and process control, telecommunications, computer, and security systems.

  • Low-cost version of current Sullins Connector Solutions .100" headers
  • Straight, right angle, surface mount, horizontal surface mount termination styles standard
  • Brass contacts and gold flash overall plating (consult factory for additional options)
  • Available in PBT or Nylon housing materials
  • Available in up to 40 positions, dual or single row
  • Improved cost-effectiveness
  • Mates with current .100” Sullins female headers and jumpers
  • Many customizations available (board stacker, contact/tail lengths, termination styles, etc.)
  • Aircraft electronic controls and radio communications
  • Industrial machinery and process control equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • Consumer electronics and household appliances
  • Vending machines
  • Automotive electronics and accessories
  • Casino gaming devices
  • Computing equipment and peripherals
  • Burn-in ovens and test equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Medical devices

.100” Brass Header Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PREC040SAAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POSPREC040SAAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POS28824 - Immediate
PREC040SAAN-RC product page link
PRPC040SAAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POSPRPC040SAAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POS116709 - Immediate
PRPC040SAAN-RC product page link
PRPC040SFAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POSPRPC040SFAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POS9787 - Immediate
PRPC040SFAN-RC product page link
PRPC040SBAN-M71RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL R/A 40POSPRPC040SBAN-M71RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL R/A 40POS3454 - Immediate
PRPC040SBAN-M71RC product page link
PRPC040SGAN-M71RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL R/A 40POSPRPC040SGAN-M71RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL R/A 40POS2114 - Immediate
PRPC040SGAN-M71RC product page link
PREC040DAAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" DUAL STR 80POSPREC040DAAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" DUAL STR 80POS16209 - Immediate
PREC040DAAN-RC product page link
PRPC040DAAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" DUAL STR 80POSPRPC040DAAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" DUAL STR 80POS29173 - Immediate
PRPC040DAAN-RC product page link
PREC040SBAN-M71RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL R/A 40POSPREC040SBAN-M71RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL R/A 40POS2617 - Immediate
PREC040SBAN-M71RC product page link
PREC040DFAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" DUAL STR 80POSPREC040DFAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" DUAL STR 80POS1099 - Immediate
PREC040DFAN-RC product page link
PREC040SFAN-RC datasheet linkCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POSPREC040SFAN-RCCONN HEADER .100" SNGL STR 40POS352 - Immediate
PREC040SFAN-RC product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29