3000 Series Illuminated Keypads

Provides an affordable solution for applications requiring data entry in outdoor or industrial environments

Image of Storm Interface's 3000 Series Illuminated KeypadsStorm Interface's 3000-Lit Series keypads provide an affordable solution for applications requiring data entry in outdoor or industrial environments. The keypads feature high-contrast keytop graphics, permanently engraved into semi-translucent keytops. This ensures highly visible, easy-to-read keytops that can be illuminated to attract an operator’s attention or to enable use in dark or dimly lit conditions.

The integral illumination is achieved using highly efficient white light LEDs, embedded within Storm’s laboratory-tested, field-proven key switch technology. Through use of a suitable controller, the internal illumination can be switched on or flashed at the appropriate time to indicate that data entry is required. Storm keypads include features to assist with sensory impairment, including tactile keytop navigation, keytop characters in the required Tiresias font, and raised, high-contrast keytops that move with a positive "over-center" action. These highly responsive keypads are compliant with current and emerging accessibility mandates. Storm 3000-Lit Series keypads are available in 4 key, 12 key, and 16 key formats. They are engineered for easy installation into any control panel or host enclosure.


  • Reliable data entry in outdoor or indoor locations
  • High contrast keytops with integral white light LED illumination
  • 4, 12, and 16 key formats
  • Robust construction for use in extreme, wet or dirty environments
  • Responsive tactile keys

3000 Series Illuminated Keypads

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of KeysMatrix (Columns x Rows)Available Quantity
3KLW042103 datasheet link4 KEY PAD FUNCTION ILLUM3KLW0421034 KEY PAD FUNCTION ILLUM41 x 49 - Immediate
3KLW042103 product page link
3KLW160103 datasheet link16 KEY PAD CALCULATOR ILLUM3KLW16010316 KEY PAD CALCULATOR ILLUM164 x 422 - Immediate
3KLW160103 product page link
3KLW16T103 datasheet link16 KEY PAD TELEPHONE ILLUM3KLW16T10316 KEY PAD TELEPHONE ILLUM164 x 411 - Immediate
3KLW16T103 product page link
3KLW041103 datasheet link4 KEY PAD CURSOR ILLUM3KLW0411034 KEY PAD CURSOR ILLUM41 x 413 - Immediate
3KLW041103 product page link
3KLW120103 datasheet link12 KEY PAD CALCULATOR ILLUM3KLW12010312 KEY PAD CALCULATOR ILLUM123 x 403KLW120103 product page link
3KLW12T103 datasheet link12 KEY PAD TELEPHONE ILLUM3KLW12T10312 KEY PAD TELEPHONE ILLUM123 x 403KLW12T103 product page link
Published: 2013-04-04