WW Series Resistors

WW series conformal-coated, axial-leaded, general purpose and precision wirewounds from Stackpole Electronics

Image of Stackpole Electronics' WW Series ResistorsThe WW series from Stackpole is an all-welded resistance element on a ceramic core. Welded resistance elements are less noisy and have better long-term stability and reliability than crimped wirewound resistor elements on fiberglass cores. In addition, the WW is able to achieve higher resistance values and better resistance tolerances compared to fiberglass core crimped wirewounds. The WW is capable of handling up to 500 Joules without failure.

Applications for the WW include utility meters, power supplies, capacitor discharge resistors, and current limiting for a variety of end products and applications. They are used in audio applications, industrial controls and automation, HVAC systems and controls, security and safety electronics, wireless controllers, and a wide variety of precision and power applications.


  • Power ratings from 1/2 W up to 11 W at 70°C
  • Resistance values from 0.1 Ω up to 150 KΩ
  • Tolerances down to 0.1%
  • High power-to-size ratio
  • Reliable long-term stability in terms of life, high humidity, and short-time overloads

WW Series Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
WW3FT300R datasheet linkRES 300 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT300RRES 300 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL5407 - Immediate
WW3FT300R product page link
WW3FT250R datasheet linkRES 250 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT250RRES 250 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL9519 - Immediate
WW3FT250R product page link
WW3FT1R00 datasheet linkRES 1 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT1R00RES 1 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2356 - Immediate
WW3FT1R00 product page link
WW3FT3R00 datasheet linkRES 3 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT3R00RES 3 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2787 - Immediate
WW3FT3R00 product page link
WW3FT5R00 datasheet linkRES 5 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT5R00RES 5 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2452 - Immediate
WW3FT5R00 product page link
WW3FT50R0 datasheet linkRES 50 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT50R0RES 50 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL3312 - Immediate
WW3FT50R0 product page link
WW3FT100R datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT100RRES 100 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2183 - Immediate
WW3FT100R product page link
WW3FT500R datasheet linkRES 500 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT500RRES 500 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2275 - Immediate
WW3FT500R product page link
WW3FT3K00 datasheet linkRES 3K OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT3K00RES 3K OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2510 - Immediate
WW3FT3K00 product page link
WW3FTR300 datasheet linkRES 0.3 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FTR300RES 0.3 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL3173 - Immediate
WW3FTR300 product page link
WW3FT47R0 datasheet linkRES 47 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT47R0RES 47 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL3109 - Immediate
WW3FT47R0 product page link
WW3FT82R0 datasheet linkRES 82 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT82R0RES 82 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2820 - Immediate
WW3FT82R0 product page link
WW3FT220R datasheet linkRES 220 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT220RRES 220 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2148 - Immediate
WW3FT220R product page link
WW3FT270R datasheet linkRES 270 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT270RRES 270 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2579 - Immediate
WW3FT270R product page link
WW3FT390R datasheet linkRES 390 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT390RRES 390 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2000 - Immediate
WW3FT390R product page link
WW3FTR500 datasheet linkRES 0.5 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FTR500RES 0.5 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2690 - Immediate
WW3FTR500 product page link
WW3FTR750 datasheet linkRES 0.75 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FTR750RES 0.75 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL2141 - Immediate
WW3FTR750 product page link
WW5JT150R datasheet linkRES 150 OHM 5W 5% AXIALWW5JT150RRES 150 OHM 5W 5% AXIAL3678 - Immediate
WW5JT150R product page link
WW3FT25R0 datasheet linkRES 25 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT25R0RES 25 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL3998 - Immediate
WW3FT25R0 product page link
WW3FT33R0 datasheet linkRES 33 OHM 3W 1% AXIALWW3FT33R0RES 33 OHM 3W 1% AXIAL4000 - Immediate
WW3FT33R0 product page link
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Published: 2013-07-24