TR Series

TO-220 and TO-247 style power resistors, from Stackpole, work well with power semiconductors with similar packages

Image of Stackpole Electronics' TR SeriesStackpole Electronics' TR series is a thick film power resistor designed for use with a heat sink. The TO-220 and TO-247 style packages work well with power semiconductors with similar packages and thermal profiles and makes circuit design very straightforward. This style allows for very high power handling in a very small package size. The TR series uses either clip or screw mounting and is extremely robust and stable with respect to electrical and environmental stresses.

Applications for the TR include a wide variety of power supplies, wireless auto update clocks, automated lab equipment, electric tools and machinery, industrial and commercial controls, lighting applications, manufacturing equipment, as well as security systems and controls


  • TCR’s down to 50 ppm
  • Resistance values from 10 Ω to 10 K Ω
  • Power ratings from 20 W up to 100 W at 25 C with heat sink
  • Inherently low inductance
  • Tolerances as low as 0.5 %

TR Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TR35JBC47R0 datasheet linkRES 47 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBC47R0RES 47 OHM 35W 5% TO2201606 - Immediate
TR35JBC47R0 product page link
TR35JBD10R0 datasheet linkRES 10 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBD10R0RES 10 OHM 35W 5% TO220960 - Immediate
TR35JBD10R0 product page link
TR35JBC33R0 datasheet linkRES 33 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBC33R0RES 33 OHM 35W 5% TO2201808 - Immediate
TR35JBC33R0 product page link
TR35JBC100R datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBC100RRES 100 OHM 35W 5% TO220937 - Immediate
TR35JBC100R product page link
TR35JBC62R0 datasheet linkRES 62 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBC62R0RES 62 OHM 35W 5% TO220420 - Immediate
TR35JBC62R0 product page link
TR35JBC22R0 datasheet linkRES 22 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBC22R0RES 22 OHM 35W 5% TO220257 - Immediate
TR35JBC22R0 product page link
TR35JBL4R70 datasheet linkRES 4.7 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBL4R70RES 4.7 OHM 35W 5% TO2201883 - Immediate
TR35JBL4R70 product page link
TR35JBL3R30 datasheet linkRES 3.3 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBL3R30RES 3.3 OHM 35W 5% TO220141 - Immediate
TR35JBL3R30 product page link
TR20JBC100R datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 20W 5% TO220TR20JBC100RRES 100 OHM 20W 5% TO220134 - Immediate
TR20JBC100R product page link
TR50JBC15R0 datasheet linkRES 15 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBC15R0RES 15 OHM 50W 5% TO220270 - Immediate
TR50JBC15R0 product page link
TR50JBD7R50 datasheet linkRES 7.5 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBD7R50RES 7.5 OHM 50W 5% TO220148 - Immediate
TR50JBD7R50 product page link
TR50JBD10R0 datasheet linkRES 10 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBD10R0RES 10 OHM 50W 5% TO220115 - Immediate
TR50JBD10R0 product page link
TR50JBX1R00 datasheet linkRES 1 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBX1R00RES 1 OHM 50W 5% TO220106 - Immediate
TR50JBX1R00 product page link
TR50JBL2R20 datasheet linkRES 2.2 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBL2R20RES 2.2 OHM 50W 5% TO220235 - Immediate
TR50JBL2R20 product page link
TR50JBL3R30 datasheet linkRES 3.3 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBL3R30RES 3.3 OHM 50W 5% TO220234 - Immediate
TR50JBL3R30 product page link
TR35JBD7R50 datasheet linkRES 7.5 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBD7R50RES 7.5 OHM 35W 5% TO22093 - Immediate
TR35JBD7R50 product page link
TR35JBC15R0 datasheet linkRES 15 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBC15R0RES 15 OHM 35W 5% TO22080 - Immediate
TR35JBC15R0 product page link
TR35JBL2R20 datasheet linkRES 2.2 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBL2R20RES 2.2 OHM 35W 5% TO22067 - Immediate
TR35JBL2R20 product page link
TR35JBL1R50 datasheet linkRES 1.5 OHM 35W 5% TO220TR35JBL1R50RES 1.5 OHM 35W 5% TO22032 - Immediate
TR35JBL1R50 product page link
TR50JBX50L0 datasheet linkRES 0.05 OHM 50W 5% TO220TR50JBX50L0RES 0.05 OHM 50W 5% TO22099 - Immediate
TR50JBX50L0 product page link
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Published: 2013-07-05