Thick Film Engineering Sample Kits

Stackpole’s thick film sample kits provide every E96 resistance value in a decade with 1% tolerance

Image of Stackpole Electronics' Thick Film Engineering Sample KitsStackpole’s thick film sample kits are a great solution for engineers involved with design and development. Unlike many other types of sample kits, they provide every E96 resistance value in a decade with 1% tolerance. Many times design engineers require flexibility for certain resistance values to adjust their circuit performance. By providing all standard resistance values per decade, Stackpole’s sample kits ensure that the necessary value is available. The kits are available in sizes from 0201 to 1206 and in each decade from 10 Ω to 976 KΩ.


  • Stackpole’s RMCF general purpose thick film chip resistor
  • 20 pieces each of each E96 resistance value for 0603 through 1206 and 30 pcs each for 0201 and 0402
  • All 96 values per decade included in each kit
  • Compact space saving binder
  • Parts are supplied in cut tape
  • RoHS-compliant

Thick Film Engineering Sample Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
KIT-RMCF0603FT-05 datasheet linkRES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/10W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0603FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/10W 1920PCS80 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0603FT-05 product page link
KIT-RMCF0402FT-04 datasheet linkRES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/16W 2880PCSKIT-RMCF0402FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/16W 2880PCS76 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0402FT-04 product page link
KIT-RMCF0603FT-04 datasheet linkRES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/10W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0603FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/10W 1920PCS72 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0603FT-04 product page link
KIT-RMCF0603FT-03 datasheet linkRES KIT 100-976 1/10W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0603FT-03RES KIT 100-976 1/10W 1920PCS69 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0603FT-03 product page link
KIT-RMCF0402FT-05 datasheet linkRES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/16W 2880PCSKIT-RMCF0402FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/16W 2880PCS53 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0402FT-05 product page link
KIT-RMCF0603FT-06 datasheet linkRES KIT 100K-976K 1/10W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0603FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/10W 1920PCS49 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0603FT-06 product page link
KIT-RMCF0402FT-06 datasheet linkRES KIT 100K-976K 1/16W 2880PCSKIT-RMCF0402FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/16W 2880PCS43 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0402FT-06 product page link
KIT-RMCF0603FT-02 datasheet linkRES KIT 10-97.6 1/10W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0603FT-02RES KIT 10-97.6 1/10W 1920PCS55 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0603FT-02 product page link
KIT-RMCF0402FT-03 datasheet linkRES KIT 100-976 1/16W 2880PCSKIT-RMCF0402FT-03RES KIT 100-976 1/16W 2880PCS9 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0402FT-03 product page link
KIT-RMCF0805FT-04 datasheet linkRES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/8W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0805FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/8W 1920PCS64 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0805FT-04 product page link
KIT-RMCF0805FT-05 datasheet linkRES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/8W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0805FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/8W 1920PCS49 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0805FT-05 product page link
KIT-RMCF0805FT-03 datasheet linkRESISTR KIT 100-976 1/8W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0805FT-03RESISTR KIT 100-976 1/8W 1920PCS30 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0805FT-03 product page link
KIT-RMCF0805FT-02 datasheet linkRESISTR KIT 10-97.6 1/8W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0805FT-02RESISTR KIT 10-97.6 1/8W 1920PCS37 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0805FT-02 product page link
KIT-RMCF0805FT-06 datasheet linkRES KIT 100K-976K 1/8W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF0805FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/8W 1920PCS26 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0805FT-06 product page link
KIT-RMCF1206FT-02 datasheet linkRESISTR KIT 10-97.6 1/4W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF1206FT-02RESISTR KIT 10-97.6 1/4W 1920PCS20 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF1206FT-02 product page link
KIT-RMCF1206FT-05 datasheet linkRES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/4W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF1206FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/4W 1920PCS17 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF1206FT-05 product page link
KIT-RMCF1206FT-03 datasheet linkRESISTR KIT 100-976 1/4W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF1206FT-03RESISTR KIT 100-976 1/4W 1920PCS13 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF1206FT-03 product page link
KIT-RMCF1206FT-04 datasheet linkRES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/4W 1920PCSKIT-RMCF1206FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/4W 1920PCS13 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF1206FT-04 product page link
KIT-RMCF0201FT-02 datasheet linkRES KIT 10-97.6 1/20W 2880PCSKIT-RMCF0201FT-02RES KIT 10-97.6 1/20W 2880PCS13 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0201FT-02 product page link
KIT-RMCF0402FT-02 datasheet linkRES KIT 10-97.6 1/16W 2880PCSKIT-RMCF0402FT-02RES KIT 10-97.6 1/16W 2880PCS25 - Immediate
KIT-RMCF0402FT-02 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29