SP3A Series Resistors

Stackpole Electronics' SP3A series – UL 1412 recognized thru-hole wirewounds

Image of Stackpole Electronics' SP3A Series ResistorsStackpole has achieved "UL Recognized Component" status for its 4 watt axial leaded fusible wirewound series, the SP3A, through qualification to UL1412 (File # E344795). This series has a welded element which combines the outstanding surge handling characteristics associated with wirewound resistors with the failsafe operation required by UL1412. This UL spec was created to ensure that electronic components do not pose a fire or electrical shock hazard. Stackpole's proprietary fusible resistor design yields a reliable and repeatable fusing characteristic so that the part fails quickly, safely, and without generating excess heat.

This type of component is ideal for protection of monitors, TV's, and displays. It is well suited for small motor protection in appliances, power tools, rear door lifts, sliding doors, and power seats in consumer and commercial vehicles. This component is also a good choice for HVAC monitoring and control systems, safety and security systems, and other commercial and industrial power and control applications.


  • UL1412 recognized under file #E344795
  • Robust welded resistance element for high surge withstanding
  • Proprietary design provides fast fusing without generating excessive heat
  • High temperature silicone coating
  • Other non-UL certified sizes, resistance values, and tolerances are available.

SP3A Series Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SP3AJT10R0 datasheet linkRES FUSE 10 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIALSP3AJT10R0RES FUSE 10 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIAL22634 - Immediate
SP3AJT10R0 product page link
SP3AJT100R datasheet linkRES FUSE 100 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIALSP3AJT100RRES FUSE 100 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIAL3617 - Immediate
SP3AJT100R product page link
SP3AJT47R0 datasheet linkRES FUSE 47 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIALSP3AJT47R0RES FUSE 47 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIAL1490 - Immediate
SP3AJT47R0 product page link
SP3AJT33R0 datasheet linkRES FUSE 33 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIALSP3AJT33R0RES FUSE 33 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIAL756 - Immediate
SP3AJT33R0 product page link
SP3AJT68R0 datasheet linkRES FUSE 68 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIALSP3AJT68R0RES FUSE 68 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIAL994 - Immediate
SP3AJT68R0 product page link
SP3AJT22R0 datasheet linkRES FUSE 22 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIALSP3AJT22R0RES FUSE 22 OHM 4W 5% UL AXIAL221 - Immediate
SP3AJT22R0 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29