CSS4527 Series Chip Resistors

Stackpole's CSS4527 series chip resistors are a 5 W, metal element, ultra precision, current sense chip resistors

Image of Stackpole Electronics' CSS4527 Series Chip ResistorsThe CSS4527 from Stackpole is a 5 W size, ultra-precision current sensing resistor. The CSS4527 features resistance values from 0.5 milliohms up to 120 milliohms, in tolerances down to 0.5% and 50 ppm TCR. The all-metal construction allows the CSS4527 to flex with the PCB in response to thermal stresses, where a ceramic-based, current-sense chip resistor may crack or have cracked solder joints. In addition, the CSS/CSSH series is capable of full power operation in temperatures up to 100°C and can operate in temperatures up to 225°C.

The CSS4527 is an ideal choice for current sensing in power supplies, motor controls, high power regulators, robotics, industrial controls, gasoline and diesel engine controllers, UPS systems, network diagnostic equipment, medical equipment, and rechargeable power tools.

  • High temperature performance up to 225°C; for operation up to 275ºC, contact factory
  • Proprietary processing technique produces extremely low resistance values
  • High power, metal-alloy current-sense resistor
  • Very low inductance (0.5 nH to 5 nH)
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Low thermal EMF (<1 µV/C)
  • RoHS compliant/lead-free
  • Resistance values as low as 0.5 milliohms

CSS4527 Series Chip Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CSS4527FT5L00 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.005 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT5L00RES SMD 0.005 OHM 1% 5W 4527835 - Immediate
CSS4527FT5L00 product page link
CSS4527FT1L00 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT1L00RES SMD 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 4527876 - Immediate
CSS4527FT1L00 product page link
CSS4527FT25L0 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.025 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT25L0RES SMD 0.025 OHM 1% 5W 4527826 - Immediate
CSS4527FT25L0 product page link
CSS4527FT20L0 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.02 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT20L0RES SMD 0.02 OHM 1% 5W 4527912 - Immediate
CSS4527FT20L0 product page link
CSS4527FT30L0 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.03 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT30L0RES SMD 0.03 OHM 1% 5W 4527891 - Immediate
CSS4527FT30L0 product page link
CSS4527FT4L00 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.004 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT4L00RES SMD 0.004 OHM 1% 5W 4527306 - Immediate
CSS4527FT4L00 product page link
CSS4527FT2L00 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.002 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT2L00RES SMD 0.002 OHM 1% 5W 4527274 - Immediate
CSS4527FT2L00 product page link
CSS4527FT3L00 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.003 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT3L00RES SMD 0.003 OHM 1% 5W 4527162 - Immediate
CSS4527FT3L00 product page link
CSS4527FT50L0 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.05 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT50L0RES SMD 0.05 OHM 1% 5W 4527520 - Immediate
CSS4527FT50L0 product page link
CSS4527FT10L0 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.01 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FT10L0RES SMD 0.01 OHM 1% 5W 4527267 - Immediate
CSS4527FT10L0 product page link
CSS4527FTL500 datasheet linkRES SMD 0.0005 OHM 1% 5W 4527CSS4527FTL500RES SMD 0.0005 OHM 1% 5W 45270CSS4527FTL500 product page link
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Published: 2013-03-01