FL-1K Serial Flash Memory

Spansion's 16 Mb, 32 Mb, and 64 Mb, 3 V serial Flash memory

Image of Spansion's FL-1K Serial Flash MemoryThe serial Flash memory from Spansion offers high performance, small sectors, and enhanced security. The family of quad I/O serial Flash memory features high performance (108 MHz clock frequency), 4 Kbyte sectors, and security to support the diverse needs of embedded customers. The flexible data protection and one-time-programmable (OTP) features help prevent unintentional programming errors and hacking, allowing for a more secure user experience and high levels of system integrity. Reduce your overall system cost with lower pin counts. With flexible sector architecture, this family is an ideal solution for set-top boxes, digital televisions, printers, home networking, smart meters, tablets and next-generation computers, industrial, consumer, and automotive applications. Software drivers and, Linux support in conjunction with the Spansion flash file system make designing with Spansion serial flash easy.

Features and Benefits
  • 3.0 V
  • 16 Mb, 32 Mb, and 64 Mb density
  • 8/16-pin SOIC, 8-land 6 x 5 USON, 24-ball BGA 6 x 8, KGD/KGW
  • 4 KB uniform sectors for efficient erase and program-code management
  • Granular sector protection using the pointer-based protection scheme
  • Single, dual, and quad up to 108 MHz clock frequency SPI interfaces
  • Industrial (-40° to +85°) and automotive (-40° to 105°C)
  • Three one-time-programmable (OTP) security registers (256 bytes each)
  • Enhanced write protection of memory range with lock-down and OTP option
  • JESD126 serial flash discoverable parameters (SFDP) support
  • 100K cycle minimum endurance
  • Spansion flash file system (FFS)
FL-1K Serial Flash Memory
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
IC FLASH 16MBIT 8SOS25FL116K0XMFI041IC FLASH 16MBIT 8SO2130 - Immediate
IC FLASH 16MBIT 8SOS25FL116K0XMFI011IC FLASH 16MBIT 8SO1092 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 16SOS25FL164K0XMFI003IC FLASH 64MBIT 16SO2760 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGAS25FL164K0XBHI033IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGA2465 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGAS25FL164K0XBHI023IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGA2175 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGAS25FL164K0XBHI030IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGA676 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGAS25FL164K0XBHI020IC FLASH 64MBIT 24BGA623 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 16SOS25FL164K0XMFI000IC FLASH 64MBIT 16SO261 - Immediate
IC FLASH 64MBIT 16SOS25FL164K0XMFI001IC FLASH 64MBIT 16SO136 - Immediate
Published: 2013-12-10