Locate and identify ESD events in your process with ease

Image of SCS' ESD Pro The ESD Event  ESD events are the ultimate indications of whether it is safe to handle sensitive components in your environment. If you observe strong ESD events, it is not advisable to continue work until the situation is corrected. Whether you already have static-dissipative mats, flooring, wrist straps and ionizers is less relevant – it may still be unsafe to handle sensitive components in the environment.

The Solution  The SCS ESD Pro is a hand-held indicator of ESD events showing the relative strength of each ESD event and counts the number of ESD events above the set threshold.

ESD events, or electrostatic discharges, can damage sensitive electronic components. The ultimate goal of ESD protection, such as grounding, wrist straps, ionizers, static-dissipative mats and alike is to prevent ESD events, or, at least, decrease their strength and frequency of occurrence. The only way to verify that your ESD protection works is by knowing whether you have ESD events in your environment, how strong they are and how many of them occur. Thus, instruments such as the ESD Pro serve as your ultimate measure of effectiveness of your ESD protection.

The ESD Pro is capable of rejecting non-ESD related EMI (electromagnetic interference) events. This patent-pending methodology allows assessment of the ESD environment in places where EMI events resulting from stepper motors, solenoids, relays and other similar events abound.

Brief Tour of your ESD Pro
Brief Tour of your ESD Pro
  1 Antenna
  2 Power Switch
  3 Sound Switch
  4 CDM Switch
  5 Alarm Threshold Adjustment / Reset
  6 Event Counter
  7 Low-Battery Indicator
  8 CDM Mode Indicator
  9 ESD Event Strength Bar Graph
  Electronics assembly
  Semiconductor device manufacturing
  Disk drive manufacturing
  Medical environments
  Military Aerospace
  Wherever sensitive components are being handled
  ESD event detection
  Adjustable alarm threshold
  CDM mode to reject non-ESD events
  Relative ESD Event strength with 10-LED bar graph indicator
  Audio and visual alarms
  Sound alarm on/off
  Portable instrument for use anywhere


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeUsageAvailable Quantity
CTM082 datasheet linkESD PRO EVENT DETECTOR W/CASECTM082ESD PRO EVENT DETECTOR W/CASEActiveStatic IndicatorDetecting, Counting ESD Events14 - Immediate
CTM082 product page link
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Published: 2012-08-07