Electrostatic Discharge Product Line

SCS offers a comprehensive line of products and solutions for ESD

Image of SCS' Electrostatic Discharge Product LineElectrostatic discharge (ESD) costs the electronics industry millions of dollars annually in damaged and degraded parts. So what is ESD? ESD is the contact and separation of materials that creates a static charge. An example of a common electrostatic event occurs when a charged individual discharges to a doorknob.

SCS has long been a leader in providing static control solutions to companies around the world. Now, with the recent acquisitions of Credence Technologies and Static Control Components, SCS offers an even more comprehensive line of products and solutions for ESD, EMI, and EMC management.

Eliminating the damage caused by static electricity, EMI and micro-contaminants requires a complete static control program. SCS provides a full range of packaging, workstation, and instrumentation product solutions and helps electronic products manufacturers develop and maintain complete ESD control programs. Product Guide


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RoHS Compliant
ESD Products
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeCord TypeCord TerminationAvailable QuantityBuy Now
2051HEEL GROUNDING ASSYHeel Strap--219 - Immediate
3040GND CORD 15FT FOR MATSCord (For Mats)Straight10mm Snap Stud, #10 Ring Terminal232 - Immediate
3042WRIST STRAP GND SYSTEMCord (For Wrist Straps)Straight#10 Ring Terminal, Banana Jack (2)168 - Immediate
8214TABLE MAT ESD BLUE 2X4'Table, WorkbenchRectangle4' (1.22m)54 - Immediate
724WORKSTATION MONITOR KIT W/HDWRWorkstation MonitorWork Surface, Wrist Strap (2) MonitoringContinuous Monitoring, Dual Conductor System92 - Immediate
1900 6" X 10"SHIELDING BAG 6X10 METAL-INStatic Shielding BagIn<10nJ5684 - Immediate
1910 5" X 8"BAG 5X8 SHIELDED ZIP LOCKStatic Shielding BagIn<10nJ1143 - Immediate
5701HING CONTAINERS FOR IC'SBoxStorage, Transport1.55" L x 1.01" W x 0.46" H (39.4mm x 25.7mm x 11.7mm)3181 - Immediate
2011-BCLOTH CLEANING HI-PERF BLUE 1=1PouchCleaning ClothMultiple Surfaces223 - Immediate
8001CLEANER MARK REMOVER ANTISTATICBottle, SpraySolventMultiple Surfaces186 - Immediate
2011-WCLOTH CLEANING HI-PERF WHITE 1=1PouchCleaning ClothMultiple Surfaces31 - Immediate
40 PR (PRINTED) X 1/2"TAPE ANTI-STATIC 1/2" X 72YDSRollAntistatic - ESD SymbolsAcrylic20 - Immediate
40 PR (PRINTED) X 1"TAPE ANTI-STATIC 1" X 72YDSRollAntistatic - ESD SymbolsAcrylic52 - Immediate
8505KIT 8505 FIELD SERVICE LIGHTPortable Field ServiceClip, Cords, Wrist Band, Work Surface 6 - Immediate
8021WORKSTAT KIT BROWN TABLE/FLOORWorkstation GroundingCord, Floor Mat, Table Mat, Wrist Strap 3 - Immediate
D34418BAG 4X18" MOISTURE BARRIER 1=1EAMoisture Barrier BagIn<10nJ850 - Immediate
40PR-1"X36YDTAPE POLY ESD PRINTED 1"X36YDRollAntistatic - ESD SymbolsAcrylic45 - Immediate
2392CORD COIL DL R/A 3.4MM PLUG 10'Cord (For Wrist Straps)Coiled3.4mm Plug, 3.4mm Right Angle Plug28 - Immediate
2393CORD COIL DL R/A 3.4MM PLUG 20'Cord (For Wrist Straps)Coiled3.4mm Plug, 3.4mm Right Angle Plug37 - Immediate
5830-WHITE-25"X45"MAT CLEAN WALK 25"X45" UNFRAMEDClean-Walk Mat-25" x 45", 30 Clear Sheets, White Backing4 - Immediate
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Published: 2012-06-29