Air Ionizers

The SCS air ionizers blanket with ionized air to help prevent static from damaging sensitive electronics

Image of 3M's Air IonizersThe use of ionized air in electronics work environments eliminates the build-up of potentially damaging static charges. SCS' air ionizers are primarily used to control static charge on nonconductive materials. Grounding is normally used to control charge on conductive objects and personnel; however, nonconductors cannot be grounded to drain electrostatic charge. Ionization is the only method of neutralizing a static charge on a nonconductor. Ionized air can neutralize static charges on circuit board substrates, insulating tapes, and plastic objects found in the work area. SCS offers several models to choose from.

Air Ionizers
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeMounting TypeVoltage - InputAvailable QuantityBuy Now
963E-NORTH AMERICAIONIZER WITH N. AMERICA CORDIonizerBenchtop100 ~ 240 VAC52 - Immediate
718AAIR IONIZER TEST KITTest KitBenchtop, Portable-6 - Immediate
960AIR IONIZER MINI BLOWERIonizerBenchtop, Portable24VAC3 - Immediate
963E-EUROPEBENCHTOP AIR IONIZER 100-240VACIonizerBenchtop100 ~ 240 VAC11 - Immediate
980AIR GUN IONIZED AC 100/120VIonizer, Air GunBenchtop, Wall Mount24VAC10 - Immediate
980EAIR GUN IONIZED 220/230VIonizer, Air GunBenchtop, Wall Mount24VAC19 - Immediate
960X/980XWALL TRANSFORMERPower SupplyWall Mount120VAC10 - Immediate
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Published: 2014-08-15