STR4A100 Series Off-Line PWM Controllers

Sanken STR4A100 series power ICs achieve high-cost-performance with few external components

Image of Sanken Electric Co's STR4A100 Series Off-Line PWM ControllersSanken's STR4A100 series are power ICs for switching power supplies, incorporating a sense MOSFET, and a current-mode PWM controller IC. The low-standby power is accomplished by the automatic switching between the PWM operation in normal operation and the burst-oscillation under light-load conditions. The product achieves high-cost-performance power supply systems with few external components.

STR4A100 Series: Off-Line PWM Controllers with Integrated Power MOSFET

  • Auto-standby function
    • No-load power consumption < 10 mW
  • Operation mode
    • Normal operation - PWM mode
    • Standby-burst-oscillation mode
  • Current-mode type PWM control
  • Random switching function
  • Slope compensation function
  • Leading-edge blanking function
  • Build-in startup circuit
  • Bias assist function
  • Soft-start function
  • Protections:
    • Overcurrent-protection (OCP) - pulse-by-pulse
    • Overload-protection (OLP) - auto-restart
    • Overvoltage-protection (OVP) - auto-restart
    • Thermal-shutdown protection (TSD) - auto-restart
  • Audio-visual
  • Set-top boxes
  • White goods
  • Auxiliary power for flat screen TVs
  • Low-power AC/DC adapter
  • Battery chargers
  • Other SMPS

STR4A100 Series Off-Line PWM Controllers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionInternal Switch(s)Available Quantity
STR4A162D datasheet linkIC REG PWM CONV AC/DC 8-DIPSTR4A162DIC REG PWM CONV AC/DC 8-DIPYes0STR4A162D product page link
STR4A162S datasheet linkIC REG PWM CONV AC/DC 8-SOICSTR4A162SIC REG PWM CONV AC/DC 8-SOICYes0STR4A162S product page link
STR4A164HD datasheet linkIC REG PWM CONV AC/DC 8-DIPSTR4A164HDIC REG PWM CONV AC/DC 8-DIPYes17 - Immediate
STR4A164HD product page link
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Published: 2014-04-04