CIB and CIM Series Chip Beads

Signal-line EMI suppression filters from Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Image of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' CIB and CIM Series Chip BeadsThe CIB and CIM series from Samsung Electro-Mechanics are used for EMI suppression filters in a signal line. These beads suppress EMI noise by increased impedance, especially by increased resistance at noise frequency. Also, the CIV series has high impedance in a GHz band and suppress GHz. Applications include high-frequency EMI prevention applicable to computers, printers, VCRs, TVs, and mobile phones, as well as suppression of noise in power lines.


  • Smallest chip beads suitable for surface mounting
  • Perfect shape for automatic mounting, with no directionality
  • Excellent solderability and high heat resistance for both flow and reflow soldering
  • Monolithic inorganic material construction for high reliability
  • A closed magnetic circuit configuration avoids crosstalk and is suitable for high-density PCBs

CIM and CIB Series Chip Beads

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFilter TypeAvailable Quantity
CIM21J202NE datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 2 KOHM 0805 1LNCIM21J202NEFERRITE BEAD 2 KOHM 0805 1LN-44086 - Immediate
CIM21J202NE product page link
CIM21J222NE datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 2.2 KOHM 0805 1LNCIM21J222NEFERRITE BEAD 2.2 KOHM 0805 1LN-89582 - Immediate
CIM21J222NE product page link
CIM21J102NE datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 0805 1LNCIM21J102NEFERRITE BEAD 1 KOHM 0805 1LN-16516 - Immediate
CIM21J102NE product page link
CIM21J601NE datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 0805 1LNCIM21J601NEFERRITE BEAD 600 OHM 0805 1LN-6837 - Immediate
CIM21J601NE product page link
CIM10J152NC datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 1.5 KOHM 0603 1LNCIM10J152NCFERRITE BEAD 1.5 KOHM 0603 1LN-1955 - Immediate
CIM10J152NC product page link
CIM05J121NC datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0402 1LNCIM05J121NCFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0402 1LN-3266 - Immediate
CIM05J121NC product page link
CIM05J600NC datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 60 OHM 0402 1LNCIM05J600NCFERRITE BEAD 60 OHM 0402 1LN-1629 - Immediate
CIM05J600NC product page link
CIM21J121NE datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0805 1LNCIM21J121NEFERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 0805 1LN-480 - Immediate
CIM21J121NE product page link
CIM10F600NC datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 60 OHM 0603 1LNCIM10F600NCFERRITE BEAD 60 OHM 0603 1LN-173 - Immediate
CIM10F600NC product page link
CIM10K252NC datasheet linkFERRITE BEAD 2.5 KOHM 0603 1LNCIM10K252NCFERRITE BEAD 2.5 KOHM 0603 1LN-0CIM10K252NC product page link
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Published: 2014-01-06