Bocube Series Enclosures

Rose Bopla's Bocube Series offers a unique dual-hinge, feature-packed electronics enclosure

Image of Rose Bopla's Bocube SeriesThe Bocube is BOPLA’s next generation feature-packed electronics enclosure. The Bocube’s unique dual-hinge mechanism is the first of its kind on the market. It comes in 19 sizes and can be provided in 114 standard configurations.

The enclosure can be equipped with clear or solid lid options in either UL 94 V0 Polycarbonate or ABS plastic. All models and sizes of the Bocube are IP66/IP67 rated and a broad collection of accessories are available to support the requirements and the needs of almost any project.

  • Patented, innovative, hinged quick-release catch technology: open with a screwdriver, close by hand. Dual hinges allow the lid to be opened to the left or right. The top can be opened to 105° in either direction allowing access to the electronics.
  • Provided in a wide range of sizes for use in many different types of applications. There are 19 different sizes which can be configured in 114 standard configurations.
  • Lids available in light grey, graphite grey, or crystal-clear; bases in graphite or light grey
  • Available in ABS or PC UL 94 V0 materials
  • IP 66/IP67-rated Ingress Protection without metallic fasteners
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Bocube Enclosures

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
96023225 datasheet linkBOX PLSTC GRAY/CLR 5.95"LX4.92"W96023225BOX PLSTC GRAY/CLR 5.95"LX4.92"W41 - Immediate
96023225 product page link
96702100 datasheet linkBOCUBE B FP 1008 FRNT PNL 1.5MM96702100BOCUBE B FP 1008 FRNT PNL 1.5MM30 - Immediate
96702100 product page link
96012125 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.45"L X 3.15"W96012125BOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.45"L X 3.15"W14 - Immediate
96012125 product page link
96013125 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 5.95"L X 3.15"W96013125BOX PLASTIC GRAY 5.95"L X 3.15"W10 - Immediate
96013125 product page link
96012134 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.45"L X 3.15"W96012134BOX PLASTIC GRAY 4.45"L X 3.15"W10 - Immediate
96012134 product page link
96022124 datasheet linkBOX PLSTC GRAY/CLR 4.45"LX3.15"W96022124BOX PLSTC GRAY/CLR 4.45"LX3.15"W17 - Immediate
96022124 product page link
96022134 datasheet linkBOX PLSTC GRAY/CLR 4.45"LX3.15"W96022134BOX PLSTC GRAY/CLR 4.45"LX3.15"W9 - Immediate
96022134 product page link
96013135 datasheet linkBOX PLASTIC GRAY 5.95"L X 3.15"W96013135BOX PLASTIC GRAY 5.95"L X 3.15"W10 - Immediate
96013135 product page link
96016324 datasheet linkBOX PLSTC GRAY 10.67"L X 6.69"W96016324BOX PLSTC GRAY 10.67"L X 6.69"W16 - Immediate
96016324 product page link
96600000 datasheet linkB FP MNTNG SCREWS M3X8 2 PCS96600000B FP MNTNG SCREWS M3X8 2 PCS95 - Immediate
96600000 product page link
96300000 datasheet linkBOCUBE B ENCLOSURE SCREWS 4 PCS96300000BOCUBE B ENCLOSURE SCREWS 4 PCS98 - Immediate
96300000 product page link
96600010 datasheet linkB FP MNTNG SCREWS M3X8 4 PCS96600010B FP MNTNG SCREWS M3X8 4 PCS30 - Immediate
96600010 product page link
96700000 datasheet linkB FP MNTNG SCRWS M3X8 4 PCS96700000B FP MNTNG SCRWS M3X8 4 PCS46 - Immediate
96700000 product page link
96410004 datasheet linkPC-V0-7024 BLIND PLUG 10PCS96410004PC-V0-7024 BLIND PLUG 10PCS096410004 product page link
96310100 datasheet linkPC-V0-3000 HINGE LOCK 80 MM96310100PC-V0-3000 HINGE LOCK 80 MM7 - Immediate
96310100 product page link
96310103 datasheet linkPC-V0-1023 HINGE LOCK 80 MM96310103PC-V0-1023 HINGE LOCK 80 MM5 - Immediate
96310103 product page link
96603200 datasheet linkBOCUBE B M 1413 MOUNTING PLATE96603200BOCUBE B M 1413 MOUNTING PLATE12 - Immediate
96603200 product page link
96605200 datasheet linkBOCUBE B M 2213 MOUNTING PLATE96605200BOCUBE B M 2213 MOUNTING PLATE096605200 product page link
96606300 datasheet linkBOCUBE B M 2617 MOUNTING PLATE96606300BOCUBE B M 2617 MOUNTING PLATE21 - Immediate
96606300 product page link
96703100 datasheet linkBOCUBE B FP 1408 FRNT PNL 1.5MM96703100BOCUBE B FP 1408 FRNT PNL 1.5MM5 - Immediate
96703100 product page link
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Published: 2014-05-07