USB/MP3 Audio Media Decoder

USB audio decoder ICs from ROHM integrate many features on one chip

Image of ROHM Semiconductor's USB/MP3 Audio Media DecoderUSB audio decoder ICs from ROHM easily integrate a USB 2.0 host, SD memory card controller, AAC decoder, WMA decoder, MP3 decoder, Audio DAC amp, and a system controller all on a single chip, allowing easy playback of music stored in USB flash memory using an audio player. They can be easily added to virtually any audio device for greater functionality.

BU94603KV is AAC+WMA+MP3 decoder IC in which a USB host I/F, SD memory card I/F, audio DAC and system control functions are built. Using a KEY or I²C interface command, the IC reads out a MP3 file written to a memory device having a USB I/F or a SD memory card. All the operations required before the data can be output to audio devices are incorporated into one chip.

BU94603KV supports STAND ALONE MODE, which is enabled by commands entered from the keyboard (hereinafter referred to as MODE1), AUTO SLAVE MODE, which is enabled by commands entered from the master microcomputer, similar to those entered from the keyboard via the built-in I²C interface (hereinafter referred to as MODE2) and MANUAL SLAVE MODE, which can send the memory device information to the master microcomputer via the I²C interface and completely control sequences such as a play sequence by the master microcomputer (hereinafter referred to as MODE3).

BU94603KV supports fast forward playing and fast backward playing with music. BU94603KV outputs folder names, file names, ID3TAG (V1.0, V1.1 V2.2 V2.3 and V2.4) information and WMA-TAG information and AAC-TAG (iTunes Metadata) information via the I²C interface. This function is enabled only in MODE 2 and MODE 3. BU94603KV supports audio line output, audio serial three-line (I²S) output and digital audio interface (SPDIF) output. Reading a specified file data is possible from USB memory. Only a file that exists in root folder corresponds.

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USB MP3 Audio Media Decoder

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Published: 2013-07-02