For over fifty years, ROHM's venture spirit and flexibility have kept them ahead of the technology curve. ROHM is an industry leader in system LSI utilizing the latest in semiconductor technology.

A Selection of Standard ICs Offered by ROHM

CMOS Op Amps

ROHM's broad lineup of CMOS op amps and comparators include input/output full swing and Ground sense types. Available in a range of operating voltages, slew rates, configurations (single/dual), and package types for optimum compatibility. Additional features, such as low input bias current (1pA) and a wide temperature range (-40C to +125C), provide added value.

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ROHM's series of I2C bus serial EEPROMs feature proprietary double cell construction, double reset functionality, and high reliability gold wire connections. The wide operating voltage range (1.7V to 5.5V) makes them ideal for a number of applications. Density up to 512Kb is available.

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Standard Op Amps
ROHM Standard Op Amps

ROHM offers a wide lineup of op amps and comparators in a variety of configurations, such as ground sense/input-output full swing and single/dual types. Features include high voltage resistance, low noise, low saturation, and low current consumption. In addition, 5kV ESD resistance, gold pad/gold wire connections, and a broad temperature range ensure superior reliability.

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Voltage Detector IC
ROHM Voltage Detector IC

ROHM voltage detector (reset) ICs deliver high voltage accuracy (±1%), low current consumption, a wide detection voltage range, and are available in a number of packages, including pin- and function-compatible SSOP types. CMOS and Open Drain output models are also available for broad compatibility.

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Linear Regulators
ROHM Linear Regulators

ROHM provides a broad lineup of linear regulators, from 1-3 channel LDOs to high efficiency system models with built-in DC/DC converter. CMOS types are also offered for low power consumption and high accuracy operation. The BH33PB1WHFV integrates an Automatic Power Save (APS) function that automatically switches between low power consumption and fast response modes, eliminating the need for additional software control.

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