Integrating the Latest Technology in the Ultimate Compact, Thin Package

Image of ROHM's PicoLEDROHM Supplier PageOur PicoLED features the same level of brightness as conventional chip LEDs, but in a package size 53% smaller in area and with 74% less volume than standard 0603-sized products. This makes the PicoLED ideal for use in high-density applications.

Available in a range of colors (red, orange, yellow, green), their low power consumption makes them ideal for compact portable, battery driven devices as well as small, thin, low-energy products such as 1.5 mm pitch high-density dot matrices and 0.2-inch font height seven-segment light sources, which were previously impossible to develop.

ROHM's PicoLED RGB SMLP34 and SMLP36 Series represent the industry's smallest, thinnest surface mount three-color LEDs. These ROHM LEDs are an ideal solution for designers seeking to minimize energy consumption and size while still receiving the benefit of full-color capabilities. The devices are available in a 1.0 mm X 1.0 mm or 1.0 mm X 1.5 mm package size and optimized for color indicator displays in mobile phones, illumination lighting for handheld gaming devices, and compact, full color dot matrix displays.


  • Ultra-compact (0.04 in ~ 0.02 in) - 53% smaller area and 74% less volume than conventional 0603 sized units
  • High-luminosity types offered in a range of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue
  • All light-emitting elements are of the high reliability four-element (InGaAlP) or high luminosity (InGaN) type ensuring continuous, long-term, reliable operation


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLens ColorLens TransparencyAvailable Quantity
SML-P12YTT86 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12YTT86LED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear35671 - Immediate
SML-P12YTT86 product page link
SML-P12PTT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12PTT86LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear96701 - Immediate
SML-P12PTT86 product page link
SML-P12DTT86 datasheet linkLED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12DTT86LED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear42654 - Immediate
SML-P12DTT86 product page link
SMLP34RGB1W3 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 0404 SMDSMLP34RGB1W3LED RGB DIFFUSED 0404 SMDWhiteDiffused14559 - Immediate
SMLP34RGB1W3 product page link
SMLP36RGB1W3 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 0604 SMDSMLP36RGB1W3LED RGB DIFFUSED 0604 SMDWhiteDiffused6870 - Immediate
SMLP36RGB1W3 product page link
SML-P12UTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12UTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear41146 - Immediate
SML-P12UTT86 product page link
SML-P12MTT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12MTT86LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear21583 - Immediate
SML-P12MTT86 product page link
SML-P12VTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12VTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear17298 - Immediate
SML-P12VTT86 product page link
SMLP12BC7TT86 datasheet linkLED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDSMLP12BC7TT86LED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDColorlessClear0SMLP12BC7TT86 product page link
SMLP12WBC7W1 datasheet linkLED WHITE DIFFUSED 0402 SMDSMLP12WBC7W1LED WHITE DIFFUSED 0402 SMDWhiteDiffused0SMLP12WBC7W1 product page link
Published: 2009-01-20