ROHM and Digi-Key introduce ultra-compact high brightness LEDs

Image of ROHM Semiconductor's PICOLED™ SeriesROHM Semiconductor now offers some of the thinnest LEDs in the industry. The PICOLED™ series provides impressive brightness in a package only 0.2 mm thick. In addition, high reliability is ensured, with no deterioration in brightness even after 10,000 hours. Their small size makes them ideal for use in high-resolution, high-density matrix applications that require a high degree of expressiveness such as mobile phone displays. The ultra-compact form factor cuts mounting area by 53% over conventional 1608 (0603 in) size LEDs while maintaining the same brightness.

Features Applications
  • 2.7 times brighter at 1 mA
  • Contributes to less power consumption in portable devices for longer battery life
  • Compact, ultra-thin size: 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm, t = 0.2 mm
  • Available in a variety of colors: red, orange, yellow, and green
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • IC recorders
  • Notebook PCs
  • Battery-driven devices

Newest Product - PICOLED™ Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorLens ColorAvailable Quantity
SML-P13PTT86R datasheet linkLED 560NM GRN TRANSP 1006SML-P13PTT86RLED 560NM GRN TRANSP 1006GreenColorless12262 - Immediate
SML-P13PTT86R product page link
SML-P12U2TT86R datasheet linkLED HB 615NM RED TRANSP 1006SML-P12U2TT86RLED HB 615NM RED TRANSP 1006RedColorless4515 - Immediate
SML-P12U2TT86R product page link
SML-P12Y3TT86R datasheet linkLED HB 596NM YLW TRANSP 1006SML-P12Y3TT86RLED HB 596NM YLW TRANSP 1006YellowColorless4563 - Immediate
SML-P12Y3TT86R product page link
SML-P12WTT86R datasheet linkLED HB 585NM YLW TRANSP 1006SML-P12WTT86RLED HB 585NM YLW TRANSP 1006YellowColorless4155 - Immediate
SML-P12WTT86R product page link
SML-P12Y2TT86R datasheet linkLED HB 580NM YLW TRANSP 1006SML-P12Y2TT86RLED HB 580NM YLW TRANSP 1006YellowColorless4070 - Immediate
SML-P12Y2TT86R product page link
SML-P12M2TT86R datasheet linkLED HB 576NM YWGN TRANSP 1006SML-P12M2TT86RLED HB 576NM YWGN TRANSP 1006GreenColorless2762 - Immediate
SML-P12M2TT86R product page link
SML-P13FTT86R datasheet linkLED 566NM GRN TRANSP 1006SML-P13FTT86RLED 566NM GRN TRANSP 1006GreenColorless2272 - Immediate
SML-P13FTT86R product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorLens ColorAvailable Quantity
SML-P11MTT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P11MTT86LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDGreenColorless217056 - Immediate
SML-P11MTT86 product page link
SML-P11UTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P11UTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDRedColorless163654 - Immediate
SML-P11UTT86 product page link
SML-P12PTT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12PTT86LED GREEN CLEAR 0402 SMDGreenColorless272215 - Immediate
SML-P12PTT86 product page link
SML-P12DTT86 datasheet linkLED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12DTT86LED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDOrangeColorless15928 - Immediate
SML-P12DTT86 product page link
SML-P12UTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P12UTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDRedColorless21882 - Immediate
SML-P12UTT86 product page link
SML-P11VTT86 datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P11VTT86LED RED CLEAR 0402 SMDRedColorless58015 - Immediate
SML-P11VTT86 product page link
SML-P11DTT86 datasheet linkLED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P11DTT86LED ORANGE CLEAR 0402 SMDOrangeColorless45783 - Immediate
SML-P11DTT86 product page link
SML-P11YTT86 datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDSML-P11YTT86LED YELLOW CLEAR 0402 SMDYellowColorless93667 - Immediate
SML-P11YTT86 product page link
SMLP12BC7TT86 datasheet linkLED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDSMLP12BC7TT86LED BLUE CLEAR 0402 SMDBlueColorless104870 - Immediate
SMLP12BC7TT86 product page link
SML-P24MUWT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN/RED DIFFUSED 0404 SMDSML-P24MUWT86LED GREEN/RED DIFFUSED 0404 SMDGreen, RedWhite14784 - Immediate
SML-P24MUWT86 product page link
SMLP13WBC8W1 datasheet linkLED WHITE 0402 SMDSMLP13WBC8W1LED WHITE 0402 SMDWhite-56007 - Immediate
SMLP13WBC8W1 product page link
SMLP13EC8TT86 datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 2SMDSMLP13EC8TT86LED GREEN CLEAR 2SMDGreenColorless15654 - Immediate
SMLP13EC8TT86 product page link
SMLP34RGB2W3 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 0404 SMDSMLP34RGB2W3LED RGB DIFFUSED 0404 SMDRed, Green, Blue (RGB)White57738 - Immediate
SMLP34RGB2W3 product page link
SMLP36RGB2W3 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 0604 SMDSMLP36RGB2W3LED RGB DIFFUSED 0604 SMDRed, Green, Blue (RGB)White32101 - Immediate
SMLP36RGB2W3 product page link
MSL0201RGBW1 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 4SMD R/AMSL0201RGBW1LED RGB DIFFUSED 4SMD R/ARed, Green, Blue (RGB)White17491 - Immediate
MSL0201RGBW1 product page link
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Published: 2011-08-15