ML610 Family of Microcontrollers

Ultra Low Power 8-bit MCU Products from ROHM/LAPIS

Image of ROHM Semiconductor's ML610 Family of MicrocontrollersROHM Semiconductor's ML610Q400 series is made up of high performance CMOS 8-bit microcontrollers built-in with Lapis Semiconductor's original RISC 8-bit CPU "U8 Core." The CPU core is capable of efficient instruction execution with one instruction per one cycle clock operation. This family of products is popular for battery-driven hand-held type applications and in a variegated field.

This series has Flash memory that operates at only 1 V based on Lapis Semiconductor's proprietary low power technology. Fine power management, along with a highly-efficient CPU in the RISC architecture, reduces the power consumption. With built-in LCD driver, 2 A/D converters, on-chip debug function, this product is suitable for small portable devices with LCD display, such as wrist watch, pedometer, heart rate monitor, and thermostat. The rewritable Flash memory microcontroller shortens the development/production time; the low power feature delivers a smaller/lighter battery; and a variety of built-in peripheral circuits minimize a device size. This product can be operated under a wider operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) so that it can be used in industrial electronics, such as a data logger for food temperature management.

  • Ultra low power, on-chip 1 V operative Flash memory & Sleep(Halt) current 0.5 µA
  • Original RISC CPU: achieved one-instruction per one cycle by 3-stage pipelined architecture
  • LCD driver and various peripheral functions
  • Provides small-sized cost saving development environment: On-chip debug emulator "µEASE"

ML610 Family of Microcontrollers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
ML610Q421P-NNNTBZ0AA datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 120TQFPML610Q421P-NNNTBZ0AAIC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 120TQFP2650 - Immediate
ML610Q421P-NNNTBZ0AA product page link
ML610Q428 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q428/ML610Q428PML610Q428 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q428/ML610Q428P7 - Immediate
ML610Q428 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q407 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q407/PML610Q407 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q407/P0ML610Q407 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q408 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q408/PML610Q408 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q408/P0ML610Q408 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q409 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q409/PML610Q409 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q409/P0ML610Q409 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q411 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q411/ML610Q411PML610Q411 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q411/ML610Q411P0ML610Q411 REFBOARD product page link
BOARD REF ML610Q412/ML610Q412PML610Q412 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q412/ML610Q412P0ML610Q412 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q421 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q421/ML610Q421PML610Q421 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q421/ML610Q421P0ML610Q421 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q422 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q422/ML610Q422PML610Q422 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q422/ML610Q422P0ML610Q422 REFBOARD product page link
ML610Q429 REFBOARD datasheet linkBOARD REF ML610Q429/ML610Q429PML610Q429 REFBOARDBOARD REF ML610Q429/ML610Q429P0ML610Q429 REFBOARD product page link

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Published: 2012-06-29