High Bright RGB LEDs

High bright RGB LEDs from ROHM ideal for gaming devices

image of Rohm's High Bright RGB LEDsROHM has developed two types of high bright RGB LEDs, the SMLV56RGB1W1, which features a height of only 0.6 mm, and the standard-type SMLW56RGB1W1. Both units are capable of 1.8 cd (white), making them ideal for gaming devices or spotlighting applications. RGB LEDs are convenient, because they can emit virtually any color, including white, while taking up very little space, since the three elements are integrated into a single, compact form factor. This makes them the preferred choice in portable gaming devices and applications requiring high brightness and multiple colors in a small area.

Both the SMLV56RGB1W1 and SMLW56RGB1W1 integrate protection Zener diodes to prevent damage due to ESD. Classification is performed based on white light emission, ensuring little variation in chromaticity for greater uniformity and consistency between products.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusColorAvailable Quantity
SMLV56RGB1W1 datasheet linkLED RGB DIFFUSED 6SMDSMLV56RGB1W1LED RGB DIFFUSED 6SMDNot Recommended For New DesignsRed, Green, Blue (RGB)26230 - Immediate
SMLV56RGB1W1 product page link
Published: 2010-10-04