BU9000xGWZ Series Step-Down Switching Regulators

High efficiency buck switching regulators with built-in power MOSFET from ROHM

Image of ROHM Semiconductor's BU9000xGWZ Series Step-Down Switching Regulators

ROHM’s BU9000xGWZ series of 6 MHz synchronous step-down switching regulators delivers up to 1.0 A of load current (VIN 3.0 to 5.5 V) and features both fixed PWM mode as well as automatic PWM/PFM switching operation for superior efficiency across the entire load region. (PFM mode is typically used to minimize current consumption while ensuring high efficiency at light loads.)

In addition, the ultra-compact form-factor reduces space by 20% over conventional units, meeting the need for a smaller footprint in today’s high performance, space-constrained power supply applications.

  • Fast transient response
  • Automatic PFM/PWM mode switching
  • Forced PWM mode
  • Soft-start function
  • Undervoltage lock out function (UVLO)
  • Overcurrent protection circuit
  • Thermal shut down circuit (TSD)
  • Ultra-compact package (1.33 mm x 0.90 mm x 0.40 mm)

Newest Products - BU9008/BU9009

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
BU90009GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG STEP DOWN SYNC 1A 35UCSPBU90009GWZ-E2IC REG STEP DOWN SYNC 1A 35UCSP3000 - Immediate
BU90009GWZ-E2 product page link
BU90008GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1V 1A SYNC 35UCSPBU90008GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 1V 1A SYNC 35UCSP2900 - Immediate
BU90008GWZ-E2 product page link

BU9000xGWZ Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
BU90005GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 2.5V 1A SYNC 6WLCSPBU90005GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 2.5V 1A SYNC 6WLCSP4761 - Immediate
BU90005GWZ-E2 product page link
BU90006GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 3V 1A SYNC 6WLCSPBU90006GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 3V 1A SYNC 6WLCSP5373 - Immediate
BU90006GWZ-E2 product page link
BU90007GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1.25V 1A SYNC 6UCSPBU90007GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 1.25V 1A SYNC 6UCSP2900 - Immediate
BU90007GWZ-E2 product page link
BU90003GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1.2V 1A SYNC 6WLCSPBU90003GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 1.2V 1A SYNC 6WLCSP2900 - Immediate
BU90003GWZ-E2 product page link
BU90004GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1.8V 1A SYNC 6WLCSPBU90004GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 1.8V 1A SYNC 6WLCSP1037 - Immediate
BU90004GWZ-E2 product page link
BU90002GWZ-E2 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 3.3V 1A SYNC 6WLCSPBU90002GWZ-E2IC REG BUCK 3.3V 1A SYNC 6WLCSP1820 - Immediate
BU90002GWZ-E2 product page link

Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
BU90006GWZ-E2-EVK-101 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR BU90006GWZ-E2BU90006GWZ-E2-EVK-101BOARD EVAL FOR BU90006GWZ-E226 - Immediate
BU90006GWZ-E2-EVK-101 product page link
BU90004GWZ-E2-EVK-101 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR BU90004GWZ-E2BU90004GWZ-E2-EVK-101BOARD EVAL FOR BU90004GWZ-E228 - Immediate
BU90004GWZ-E2-EVK-101 product page link
BU90003GWZ-E2-EVK-101 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR BU90003GWZ-E2BU90003GWZ-E2-EVK-101BOARD EVAL FOR BU90003GWZ-E227 - Immediate
BU90003GWZ-E2-EVK-101 product page link
BU90005GWZ-E2-EVK-101 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR BU90005GWZ-E2BU90005GWZ-E2-EVK-101BOARD EVAL FOR BU90005GWZ-E214 - Immediate
BU90005GWZ-E2-EVK-101 product page link
BU90002GWZ-EVK-101 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL BU90002GWZ REGBU90002GWZ-EVK-101BOARD EVAL BU90002GWZ REG30 - Immediate
BU90002GWZ-EVK-101 product page link
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Published: 2014-05-28