RACD60 Series 60 W AC Input LED Driver

Compact universal input voltage 60-Watt constant current LED driver modules for indoor and outdoor applications

Image of Recom Power's RACD60 Series 60 W AC Input LED DriversRECOM Power's compact universal input voltage 60-watt constant voltage/constant current switching power modules are suitable for driving high power LEDs. These LED drivers have a dual mode of operation. In CV mode, at loads below the preset current limit, the RACD60 behaves as a voltage source. In CC mode, at loads above the preset current limit, the RACD60 behaves as a current source. Thus, the same power supply can be used with both CV and CC LED modules. The current limit can be set by the user. The RACD60 series LED driver modules have a universal input voltage range and are fully protected against output short circuit, overload and overtemperature. The converters feature built-in power factor correction as standard.

  • Constant current from 700 mA up to 4200 mA
  • AC-DC LED power supply
  • 60 W dual mode CV and CC output
  • Power factor corrected
  • Ultra compact open frame case, only 4” x 2”
  • IP67 encapsulated version available
  • Universal input voltage ranges
  • Up to 89% efficiency
  • UL and CE certified
  • Adjustable current limit
  • 5-year warranty

RACD60 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
RACD60-1050/OF datasheet linkLED SUP CC/CV AC/DC 38-54V 1.1ARACD60-1050/OFLED SUP CC/CV AC/DC 38-54V 1.1A9 - Immediate
RACD60-1050/OF product page link
RACD60-4200/OF datasheet linkLED SUPPLY CC/CV AC/DC 11-13.5VRACD60-4200/OFLED SUPPLY CC/CV AC/DC 11-13.5V0RACD60-4200/OF product page link
RACD60-2100/OF datasheet linkLED SUP CC/CV AC/DC 21-28V 2.14ARACD60-2100/OFLED SUP CC/CV AC/DC 21-28V 2.14A0RACD60-2100/OF product page link
RACD60-700/OF datasheet linkLED SUP CC/CV AC/DC 38-54V .7ARACD60-700/OFLED SUP CC/CV AC/DC 38-54V .7A0RACD60-700/OF product page link
Published: 2012-06-29