RACD LightLine Series LED Drivers

RECOM’s RACD series designed to be simple to use without extensive electronics knowledge

Image of Recom Power's RACD LightLine Series LED DriversRECOM's RACD series LED drivers offer 12 W and 20 W solutions to meet the needs of the high brightness LED lighting market. With universal AC input and constant current output of 350 mA or 700 mA, the RECOM AC input LED driver modules are suitable for driving almost any LED manufacturer's products and almost all LED systems in the industry, as they have a very wide output voltage range over which the constant current regulation works. They can be used with single LEDs or with strings of up to 16 LEDs.

Additionally, the RACD12 and RACD20 feature built-in >0.95 power factor correction, 3 kVAC input/output isolation, a fused input and are fully protected against short circuit, open circuit, overload and overtemperature, all of which guarantee a robust, trouble-free, and safe design. The converters are certified to the new UL8750 standard for driving LED arrays.

These drivers are designed to be simple to use without an extensive knowledge of electronics and offer both input and output screw terminals and an additional 5.5 mm socket output. The socket allows the LEDs to be pre-wired with a matching plug to avoid possible wiring errors and make lighting installation easier and safer.

RACD LightLine Series LED Drivers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
RACD20-350 datasheet linkLED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 6-56V 350MARACD20-350LED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 6-56V 350MA21 - Immediate
RACD20-350 product page link
RACD20-700 datasheet linkLED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 6-29V 700MARACD20-700LED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 6-29V 700MA3 - Immediate
1000 - Factory Stock
RACD20-700 product page link
LED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 3-36V 350MARACD12-350LED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 3-36V 350MA0RACD12-350 product page link
LED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 3-17V 700MARACD12-700LED SUPPLY CC AC/DC 3-17V 700MA0RACD12-700 product page link
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Published: 2010-10-22