Z-Blocker® DSL (HPN) Filters

Pulse DSL filters for peak data performance and voice quality

Image of Pulse Electronics Corporation's Z-BLOCKER® DSL(HPN) FiltersThese high-performance DSL filters from Pulse provide peak data performance and voice quality by blocking interference between regular phone voice signals and broadband signals, such as DSL or home phone line networking (HPN). These filters come in various types, including inline, wall-mount, dual-line, and alarm panel filters. They also meet the demanding ETSI, ITU and ANSI specifications for these types of devices. Z-BLOCKER is one of the top choices of telecom carriers, modem manufacturers, ISPs, and consumers worldwide.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionInput TypeOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
Z-230PJ datasheet linkFILTER DSL SINGLE-JACKZ-230PJFILTER DSL SINGLE-JACKSingle-Line1 Jack, Filtered5870 - Immediate
Z-230PJ product page link
Z-330P2J datasheet linkFILTER DSL ANSI DUAL-JACKZ-330P2JFILTER DSL ANSI DUAL-JACKSingle-Line1 Jack, Filtered/1 Jack, Unfiltered834 - Immediate
Z-330P2J product page link
Z-A431PJ31X-A datasheet linkFILTER DSL ALARM PANEL SINGLEZ-A431PJ31X-AFILTER DSL ALARM PANEL SINGLESingle-Line1 Jack, Filtered305 - Immediate
Z-A431PJ31X-A product page link
Z-200SM datasheet linkFILTER DSL SNGL JACK RF BLOCKINGZ-200SMFILTER DSL SNGL JACK RF BLOCKINGSingle-Line1 Jack, Filtered5299 - Immediate
Z-200SM product page link
Z-300TJ datasheet linkFILTER DSL DUAL-JACK WHITEZ-300TJFILTER DSL DUAL-JACK WHITESingle-Line1 Jack, Filtered/1 Jack, Unfiltered448 - Immediate
Z-300TJ product page link
Z-330P2J2 datasheet linkFILTER DSL ANSI DUAL-JACK WHITEZ-330P2J2FILTER DSL ANSI DUAL-JACK WHITEDual-Line1 Jack, Filtered/1 Jack, Unfiltered307 - Immediate
Z-330P2J2 product page link
Z-A431PJ31X datasheet linkFILTER DSL ALARM PANL SINGLE WHTZ-A431PJ31XFILTER DSL ALARM PANL SINGLE WHTSingle-Line1 Jack, Filtered15 - Immediate
Z-A431PJ31X product page link
Z-D250P2J datasheet linkFILTER DSL DUAL-LINE DUAL-JACKZ-D250P2JFILTER DSL DUAL-LINE DUAL-JACKDual-Line1 Jack, Filtered/1 Jack, Unfiltered0Z-D250P2J product page link
CP-V413PS datasheet linkSPLITTER VDSL ADSL FLUSHMOUNTCP-V413PSSPLITTER VDSL ADSL FLUSHMOUNTDual-Line1 Jack, Filtered/1 Jack, Unfiltered2 - Immediate
CP-V413PS product page link
Published: 2010-02-26