P820x Series SMT Current Sense Transformers

Current sense transformers from Pulse feature compact footprint

P820x Series SMT Current Sense TransformersPulse's standard for precise current measurement in instrumentation and other high reliability equipment applications has been the current sense transformer. These devices are accurate, easy to implement, and reliable under harsh environmental and thermal conditions.

Pulse P820X series current sense transformers have a very compact footprint with a nominal height of 5.1 mm. The series also has a very wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 130°C with a frequency range from 50 kHZ to 1 MHz.

P820x Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeCurrent RatingAvailable Quantity
P8208NLT datasheet linkXFRMR CURR SENSE 2.0MH 1:100 SMDP8208NLTXFRMR CURR SENSE 2.0MH 1:100 SMDInvasive-3545 - Immediate
P8208NLT product page link
P8205NLT datasheet linkXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.50MH 1:50 SMDP8205NLTXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.50MH 1:50 SMDInvasive-3459 - Immediate
P8205NLT product page link
P8207NLT datasheet linkXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.98MH 1:70 SMDP8207NLTXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.98MH 1:70 SMDInvasive-1850 - Immediate
P8207NLT product page link
P8206NLT datasheet linkXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.72MH 1:60 SMDP8206NLTXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.72MH 1:60 SMDInvasive-900 - Immediate
P8206NLT product page link
P8203NLT datasheet linkXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.18MH 1:30 SMDP8203NLTXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.18MH 1:30 SMDInvasive-301 - Immediate
P8203NLT product page link
P8202NLT datasheet linkXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.08MH 1:20 SMDP8202NLTXFRMR CURR SENSE 0.08MH 1:20 SMDInvasive-778 - Immediate
P8202NLT product page link
Published: 2010-12-20