Mini Consumer Audio Speakers

PUI Audio's miniature consumer speakers pack a punch with high-fidelity output

Image of PUI Audio Mini Consumer Audio SpeakersPUI Audio’s AS03208MS-3-R packs a punch despite its 32 x 32 x 16.5 mm size. A 3 W nominal, 4 W max power handling and great sensitivity combine to make for a small speaker that can output as much as 85 dB of sound at one meter.

The flat 200 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response covers over 90% of the audio band and the high- end design, rubber surrounding, and non-resonant frame make for a speaker that truly delivers high-fidelity performance. Great for critical listening applications!

For even more high-fidelity output, choose PUI Audio’s AS03908AS-R. Power handling is extended to 5 W nominal, 8 W maximum. The large 20 mm voice coil dissipates heat through the open pole-piece design and 4.5 mm of effective Xmax allows for unparalleled low-frequency reproduction, unheard of in a speaker that measures only 39 x 39 x 22 mm.

Mini Consumer Audio Speakers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeFrequency RangeAvailable Quantity
AS03208MS-3-R datasheet linkSPEAKER 3W 8 OHM 85DB 200HZAS03208MS-3-RSPEAKER 3W 8 OHM 85DB 200HZActiveMagnetic200Hz ~ 20kHz554 - Immediate
AS03208MS-3-R product page link
AS03908AS-R datasheet linkSPEAKER 5W 8 OHM 250 HZ 98.7DBAS03908AS-RSPEAKER 5W 8 OHM 250 HZ 98.7DBActiveMagnetic250Hz ~ 20kHz120 - Immediate
AS03908AS-R product page link
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Published: 2016-06-07