Lead-Wire Speakers

PUI Audio offers lead-wire speakers

Image of PUI Audio Inc's Lead-Wire Speakers PUI Audio features a selection of off-the-shelf speakers equipped with 6" lead wires attached. Hand soldering to any audio product can be a delicate process with a high risk of inflicting damage to the component. By offering several sizes and variations with this process already completed; PUI Audio will allow customers and engineers the opportunity to prototype and put a product into a design in a much simpler, faster and more reliable fashion.

Included in this expanded lead-wired offering are also four different water-resistant speaker options. PUI Audio’s special coating process provides premium quality sound equivalent to that of paper diaphragm speakers coupled with similar element resistance as Mylar diaphragm speakers, while having little to no effect on the frequency response.

  • Medical
    • Hospital and home medical equipment
    • Vital signs monitoring
    • Diagnostic and imaging equipment
    • Prenatal and neonatal monitoring and equipment
  • Fire, Safety and Security
    • Home and commercial security
    • Retail security/loss prevention
    • Interactive system control panels
    • Fire and emergency alert systems
  • Point of Sales/Purchase
    • POS terminals
    • Bar code scanners/readers
    • Gas pumps
    • Automated teller machines (ATM's)
    • Retail kiosks
  • Industrial
    • Construction equipment
    • Fork and scissor lifts
    • Elevators
    • Food services and vending equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Desktop, laptop and tablet computers
    • Computer peripherals (monitors, printers, scanners, and more)
    • Camera and video equipment
  • Others
    • Home automation systems
    • Fitness and leisure equipment
    • Casino gaming/slot machines
    • Handheld entertainment/gaming devices
    • Gaming consoles
Lead-Wire Speakers
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequency RangeImpedanceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
AS02008MR-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM .5W 86DB500Hz ~ 4kHz8 Ohm482 - Immediate
AS05008MS-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM 1.5W 85DB800Hz ~ 7kHz8 Ohm2831 - Immediate
AS01808MR-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM 1W 80DB250Hz ~ 20kHz8 Ohm893 - Immediate
AS04004PO-2-LW152-RSPEAKER 4OHM 3W 82DB200Hz ~ 20kHz4 Ohm1494 - Immediate
AS04004PO-2-LW152-WR-RSPEAKER 4 OHM 3W 82DB200Hz ~ 20kHz4 Ohm1924 - Immediate
AS04008PO-2-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM 1W 84DB450Hz ~ 20kHz8 Ohm1159 - Immediate
AS06608MR-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM .5W 84DB380Hz ~ 7.5kHz8 Ohm2919 - Immediate
AS04008PO-2-LW152-WR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 1W 84DB450Hz ~ 20kHz8 Ohm235 - Immediate
AS07104PO-LW152-RSPEAKER 4OHM 3W 86DB100Hz ~ 20kHz4 Ohm568 - Immediate
AS07108PO-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM 3W 86DB100Hz ~ 20kHz8 Ohm546 - Immediate
AS07104PO-LW152-WR-RSPEAKER 4OHM 3W 86DB100Hz ~ 20kHz4 Ohm380 - Immediate
AS07108PO-LW152-WR-RSPEAKER 8OHM 3W 86DB100Hz ~ 20kHz8 Ohm359 - Immediate
AS02808MR-LW152-RSPEAKER 8OHM 1W 80DB500Hz ~ 20kHz8 Ohm0
Published: 2014-05-05