IMX35 Series – 35 Watt DC/DC Converters

Bel Power Solutions delivers 35 Watts in a rugged DC/DC converter

Image of Power-One's IMX35 Series – 35 Watt DC/DC Converters Bel Power Solutions IMX35 series of board-mountable, 35 Watt DC/DC converters has been designed according to the latest industry requirements and standards. The converters are particularly suitable for use in mobile or stationary applications in transport, railways, industry, or telecommunication, where variable input voltages or high transient voltages are prevalent.

Covering a total input voltage range from 9 V up to 150 V with four different models, the converters are available with up to four electrically-isolated outputs from 5 V to 60 V, externally adjustable and with flexible load distribution. A shutdown input allows remote converter on/off. Features include consistently high efficiency over the entire input voltage range, high reliability, and excellent dynamic response to load and line changes.

The converters are designed and built according to the international safety standards IEC/EN/UL 60950, and approved by TÜV and CSA. The converters provide basic insulation.

The circuit is comprised of two planar magnetics devices, and all components are automatically assembled and securely soldered onto a single PCB without any wire connection. Magnetic feedback ensures maximum reliability and repeatability in the control loop over all operating conditions. Careful considerations of possible thermal stresses ensure the absence of hot spots providing long life in environments where temperature cycles are present. The thermal design, without using any potting material, allows operation at full load up to an ambient temperature of 71°C in free air and operation up to 105°C with airflow. For extremely-high vibration environments the case has holes for screw mounting.

IMX35 Series 35 W DC/DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
20IMX35D05D15-8ZG datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERT 5V 12V 12V 5V 35W20IMX35D05D15-8ZGDC/DC CONVERT 5V 12V 12V 5V 35W48 - Immediate
20IMX35D05D15-8ZG product page link
110IMX35D12D12-8G datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 12V 0.7A110IMX35D12D12-8GDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 12V 0.7A48 - Immediate
110IMX35D12D12-8G product page link
110IMX35D15D15-8G datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 15V 0.6A110IMX35D15D15-8GDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 15V 0.6A27 - Immediate
110IMX35D15D15-8G product page link
70IMX35D15D15-8G datasheet link4/15V OUPUT SER IMX35 DC/DC CONV70IMX35D15D15-8G4/15V OUPUT SER IMX35 DC/DC CONV48 - Immediate
70IMX35D15D15-8G product page link
20IMX35D12D12-8IG datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 12V 650MA 35W20IMX35D12D12-8IGDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 12V 650MA 35W144 - Immediate
20IMX35D12D12-8IG product page link
110IMX35D05D05-8G datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 5V 1.4A110IMX35D05D05-8GDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 5V 1.4A66 - Immediate
110IMX35D05D05-8G product page link
40IMX35D12D12-8G datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 12V 0.7A40IMX35D12D12-8GDC/DC CONVERT QUAD 12V 0.7A34 - Immediate
40IMX35D12D12-8G product page link
40IMX35D05D12-8Z datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER DUAL 5V 12V40IMX35D05D12-8ZDC/DC CONVERTER DUAL 5V 12V040IMX35D05D12-8Z product page link
40IMX35D05D15-8Z datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER DUAL 5V 15V40IMX35D05D15-8ZDC/DC CONVERTER DUAL 5V 15V040IMX35D05D15-8Z product page link
20IMX35D15D15-8G datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 4X 15V 35W20IMX35D15D15-8GCONVERT DC/DC 4X 15V 35W020IMX35D15D15-8G product page link
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Published: 2013-12-31