PTF PCB Connectors

Phoenix Contact has compact connectors for flexible LED strips

Image of Phoenix Contact's PTF PCB ConnectorsPhoenix Contact's PTF flex-strip connector now has a compact and high-performance new design, making it even easier to connect 8-mm and 10-mm wide flexible LED strips. Slide the card edge of the LED strip into the PTF connector and simply squeeze the connector onto the cut LED strip. Once the connector has been pressed down, a gripping mechanism secures the connector and the flexible LED board.

These compact, high-performance connectors come in six options: two-wire for power at 8 mm and 10 mm, four-wire for RGB at 8 mm and 10 mm, and board-to-board at 8 mm and 10 mm.

Features and Benefits

  • Slip connector directly onto strip allows for quicker installation, saving costs and reducing error
  • Tight fit on strips, brings reliable contact to the strip to ensure solid connection
  • Pre-assembled connector with wire of 0.5 meters
  • Optional sleeve enables IP54 connections
  • Up to 5 A and 25 V
  • Operating temperature between 30°C and +70°C

Target Markets

  • Users and installation engineers using LED strips
  • Manufacturers of flexible LED technology who want to improve their systems through connection technology
Video: Connection Technology for LED applications

PTF PCB Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescription1st Connector2nd ConnectorColorAvailable Quantity
1826101 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 4POS 1.8MM1826101CONN PLUG 4POS 1.8MMPlug, 4 PositionWire LeadsMultiple158 - Immediate
1826101 product page link
1826114 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 4POS 1.8MM1826114CONN PLUG 4POS 1.8MMPlug, 4 PositionWire LeadsMultiple137 - Immediate
1826114 product page link
1707563 datasheet linkCONN PLUG PCB 4POS1707563CONN PLUG PCB 4POSActiveBoard to Cable/WirePlug26 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1707563 product page link
1707562 datasheet linkCONN PLUG PCB 2POS1707562CONN PLUG PCB 2POSPlug, 2 PositionWire LeadsBlack, Red38 - Immediate
20 - Factory Stock
1707562 product page link
1707561 datasheet linkCONN PLUG PCB 4POS1707561CONN PLUG PCB 4POSPlug, 4 PositionWire LeadsMultiple36 - Immediate
80 - Factory Stock
1707561 product page link
1707559 datasheet linkCONN PLUG PCB 4POS1707559CONN PLUG PCB 4POSActiveBoard to Cable/WirePlug24 - Immediate
1707559 product page link
1707558 datasheet linkCONN PLUG PCB 2POS1707558CONN PLUG PCB 2POSPlug, 2 PositionWire LeadsBlack, Red28 - Immediate
20 - Factory Stock
1707558 product page link
1707565 datasheet linkCONN PLUG PCB 4POS1707565CONN PLUG PCB 4POSPlug, 4 PositionWire LeadsMultiple26 - Immediate
800 - Factory Stock
1707565 product page link
1826091 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 2POS 1.8MM1826091CONN PLUG 2POS 1.8MMPlug, 2 PositionWire LeadsBlack, Red01826091 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-19