LUXEON Rebel Color Emitters

LUMILEDS' LUXEON emitters deliver brilliant saturated colors and the engineered-in performance, quality, and reliability

Image of LUMILEDS' LUXEON Rebel Color EmittersLUMILEDS' leading light output, color stability, flux density, and clear saturated colors, found in the LUXEON Rebel Color Portfolio of emitters are ideal for a wide variety of lighting, signaling, signage and entertainment applications. Every LUXEON Rebel Color Portfolio emitter has built-in quality, reliability, lumen maintenance and the ease of manufacturing needed to create a superior high quality light.

With endless color mixing possibilities, create white light using leading lumens per watt royal-blue with remote phosphor or RGB mixing. High quality, long life and LUXEON reliability reduces the total cost of luminaire ownership.


  • Available in deep red, red, red-orange, amber, green, cyan, blue, and royal-blue.
  • Most lumens per package in PC amber color, typically 70 lumens at 350 mA.
  • Low Vf for optimal lumen per watt efficiency
  • 135°C maximum junction temperature: red, red-orange and amber colors (PC amber 120ºC)
  • 150°C maximum junction temperature: green, cyan, blue and royal-blue colors
  • 350 mA - 1000 mA drive current blue and royal-blue colors
  • 350 mA - 700 mA drive current red, red-orange
  • Lead and mercury free, RoHS, and REACH compliant


  • Industry leading hot/cold factor enables LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES colors to perform at highest efficacy levels under real world operating conditions ~ 80ºC
  • Optic design maximizes light output allowing you to use fewer LEDs in your design
  • Minimized thermal management reduces design complexity for optimized solutions
  • High-efficacy emitters require less electricity than conventional solutions.
  • Use the same LEDs to create colored light effects or mix RGB to create white light
  • PC amber delivers the industry’s lowest color shift
LUXEON Rebel Color Emitters
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorWavelengthAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LXML-PR01-0500LED LUXEON REBEL ROYAL SMDBlue, Royal448nm5963 - Immediate
LXM2-PD01-0040LED LUXEON REBEL RED SMDRed627nm3296 - Immediate
LXM2-PD01-0050LED LUXEON REBEL RED SMDRed627nm5500 - Immediate
LXM2-PH01-0070LED LUXEON REBEL ORANGE SMDOrange617nm8529 - Immediate
LXML-PM01-0090LED LUXEON REBEL GREEN SMDGreen530nm3489 - Immediate
LXML-PB01-0030LED LUXEON REBEL BLUE SMDBlue470nm1397 - Immediate
LXM2-PL01-0000LED LUXEON REBEL PC AMBER SMDAmber591nm9040 - Immediate
LXML-PB01-0040LED LUXEON REBEL BLUE SMDBlue470nm5380 - Immediate
LXML-PE01-0070LED LUXEON REBEL CYAN SMDCyan505nm5969 - Immediate
LXML-PM01-0100LED LUXEON REBEL GREEN SMDGreen530nm3818 - Immediate
LXML-PL01-0050LED LUXEON REBEL AMBER SMDAmber590nm992 - Immediate
LXML-PB02LED LUXEON REBEL BLUE SMDBlue470nm823 - Immediate
LXM2-PH01-0060LED LUXEON REBEL ORANGE SMDOrange617nm838 - Immediate
LXML-PL01-0060LED LUXEON REBEL AMBER SMDAmber590nm654 - Immediate
Published: 2013-07-10