Lime LEDs

With parts exceeding 200 lm/W efficacy, LUMILEDS' LUXEON Lime emitters enable the most efficient, tunable white light

Image of LUMILEDS' Lime LEDsAs a substitute to regular green, lime’s unique color point is much closer to the Black Body Curve. When mixing to create white light, much less of the inefficient red is required to meet the right color point. LUMILEDS' Lime’s high efficacy as a standalone emitter already provides a big boost to overall system efficacy. Lime’s wide spectral bandwidth enables significantly higher CRI and R9 than common RGB combinations.


  • High CRI
  • Color tunability
  • High Im/W
  • High R9
  • Broad spectrum of addressable colors
  • High-quality white light mixing

Lime LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorWavelengthAvailable Quantity
LED LUXEON Z LIME SMDLXZ1-PX01LED LUXEON Z LIME SMDGreen567.5nm (566nm ~ 569nm)3441 - Immediate
LXZ1-PX01 product page link
LED LUXEON REBEL LIME SMDLXML-PX02-0000LED LUXEON REBEL LIME SMDGreen567.5nm (566nm ~ 569nm)2787 - Immediate
LXML-PX02-0000 product page link
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Published: 2014-03-27