PSM03A Series Wall Adapters

Phihong USA expands the PSM03 series with standard DC cord and additional output voltages

Image of Phihong USA's PSM03A Series Wall AdaptersPhihong USA has expanded their 2.75 W power adapter offering to include a new series of small, fixed, wall-plug adapters with standard DC cords. Based on their best-selling PSM03A USB chargers, Phihong's new PSM03A series is available in 5, 7.5, 9, 10, and 12 V outputs and features a CC/CV function, making it ideal for battery charging in applications such as medical testing equipment, personal electronics, cameras, and cordless tools.

Phihong's new PSM03A fixed wall-plug adapters are compact, low-profile, and are fully equipped with over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection. The Class B EMI wall-plugs are also compliant with UL safety regulations, featuring a no-load power draw of less than 0.15 W and meet the requirements for a Level V efficiency rating.

The PSM03A adapters with DC cords measure 39.4 mm x 43 mm x 21 mm and weigh 45 g. Their DC cords are 1500 mm long and are terminated by a standard, center-positive, straight barrel connector. Additional DC tips are available and may be substituted to suit individual applications, with no minimum order quantity.

PSM03A Series Wall Adapters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PSM03A-050(ID)-R datasheet linkAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 3WPSM03A-050(ID)-RAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 3W458 - Immediate
PSM03A-050(ID)-R product page link
PSM03A-090-R datasheet linkAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 9V 3WPSM03A-090-RAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 9V 3W4894 - Immediate
PSM03A-090-R product page link
PSM03A-120-R datasheet linkAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 3WPSM03A-120-RAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 3W2708 - Immediate
PSM03A-120-R product page link
PSM03A-050-R datasheet linkAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 3WPSM03A-050-RAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 3W2593 - Immediate
PSM03A-050-R product page link
PSM03A-075-R datasheet linkAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 7.5V 3WPSM03A-075-RAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 7.5V 3W310 - Immediate
PSM03A-075-R product page link
PSM03A-100-R datasheet linkAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 10V 3WPSM03A-100-RAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 10V 3W0PSM03A-100-R product page link
Published: 2013-12-31