Propeller™ Board of Education

Parallax's original BOE meets the multicore Propeller™ microcontroller

Propeller Board of EducationParallax's original Board of Education© meets the powerful function of the multicore Propeller™ microcontroller. A built-in set of peripherals makes it ready to support an amazing array of projects, prototypes, hands-on activities, and kits.

The Propeller Board of Education is ideal for learning the basics of electronics, programming, and robotics. It also simplifies advanced applications that require RF-linked communication, audio/visual peripherals, and gigabytes of SD memory.

  • Built-in Propeller microcontroller, 64 KB EEPROM, and 5 MHz crystal oscillator
  • Breadboard, sockets for power and I/O access, and six servo ports with power select jumpers for easy prototyping
  • Automatically selects between USB and external power sources and provides USB overcurrent protection
  • 9 V battery and center-positive 2.1 mm power connectors offer two external power options
  • Onboard mini stereo-audio jack, electret microphone, and VGA port for audio/visual projects
  • Built-in microSD card and XBee wireless module sockets simplify advanced applications
  • Convenient reset button and 3-position power switch
  • Dedicated analog header sockets provide three 10-bit inputs and two buffered variable-resolution outputs
  • 2 x 20 header for connecting I/O pins to VGA, XBee, Propeller clock and reset, USB serial flow control, and up to 10 LEDs
  • Indicator lights for system power, servo power, eight color-coded VGA channels, two analog output levels, XBee Tx/Rx, and USB Tx/Rx
  • SEPIC 5 V switching regulator can deliver up to 3 A across the commercial temperature range
  • Linear 3.3 V regulator can deliver up to 460 mA at room temperatureA
  • Use in the classroom to teach electronics, programming, robotics, and the fundamentals of electronic product design with a multicore microcontroller
  • Mount on a Boe-Bot© robot chassis to create your own customizable Propeller robot

Propeller™ Board of Education

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBoard TypeTypeAvailable Quantity
32900 datasheet linkPROPELLER BOARD OF EDUCATION32900PROPELLER BOARD OF EDUCATIONEvaluation PlatformMCU 8-Bit032900 product page link
Published: 2012-07-17