Vises and Work Holding Devices

PanaVise's versatile vises and work holding devices have hundreds of uses

PanaVise's Vises and Work Holding DevicesPanaVise offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art vises and work holding devices. All are designed around PanaVise's patented "split ball" design, which allows for positioning work on three planes. Users can tilt (180°), turn (360°) and rotate (360°) projects using a single knob.

PanaVise vises and work holding devices are perfect for hobbies and crafts, industry, electronics, woodworking and wood carving, small home repair, and any work bench environment. These extremely versatile vises and work holding devices have hundreds of uses, limited only by your imagination. All PanaVise vises and work holding devices come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to make any project more productive.

PanaVise vises and work holding devices are designed around a series of interchangeable components: heads, bases, and base mounts. Users can mix and match components or choose one of PanaVise's popular preselected combinations.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
201 datasheet linkVISE 2.88" GROOVED JAWS201VISE 2.88" GROOVED JAWS327 - Immediate
201 product page link
301 datasheet linkVISE 2.25" NYLON JAWS301VISE 2.25" NYLON JAWS229 - Immediate
301 product page link
350 datasheet linkVISE 9" RIBBED NEOPRENE JAWS350VISE 9" RIBBED NEOPRENE JAWS112 - Immediate
350 product page link
324 datasheet linkVISE 12" PARTS TRAY324VISE 12" PARTS TRAY51 - Immediate
324 product page link
396 datasheet linkVISE 6" RIBBED NEOPRENE JAWS396VISE 6" RIBBED NEOPRENE JAWS54 - Immediate
396 product page link
209 datasheet linkVISE 2.88" GROOVED JAWS VAC PAD209VISE 2.88" GROOVED JAWS VAC PAD29 - Immediate
209 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
308 datasheet linkBASE MOUNT WEIGHTED308BASE MOUNT WEIGHTED81 - Immediate
308 product page link
312 datasheet linkBASE MOUNT PARTS TRAY312BASE MOUNT PARTS TRAY74 - Immediate
312 product page link
305 datasheet linkBASE LOW PROFILE305BASE LOW PROFILE65 - Immediate
305 product page link
300 datasheet linkVISE BASE300VISE BASE24 - Immediate
300 product page link
303 datasheet linkVISE HEAD 2.25" NYLON JAWS303VISE HEAD 2.25" NYLON JAWS68 - Immediate
303 product page link
315 datasheet linkVISE HEAD 12"315VISE HEAD 12"64 - Immediate
315 product page link
380 datasheet linkBASE VACUUM PAD380BASE VACUUM PAD25 - Immediate
380 product page link
311 datasheet linkBASE MOUNT C CLAMP311BASE MOUNT C CLAMP35 - Immediate
311 product page link
366 datasheet linkVISE HEAD 6.25" RIBBED NEO JAWS366VISE HEAD 6.25" RIBBED NEO JAWS35 - Immediate
366 product page link
376 datasheet linkVISE HEAD 9" RIBBED NEO JAWS376VISE HEAD 9" RIBBED NEO JAWS36 - Immediate
376 product page link
358 datasheet linkWIRE MANAGER FOR 366 OR 376 JAWS358WIRE MANAGER FOR 366 OR 376 JAWS5 - Immediate
358 product page link
371 product page link
335 datasheet linkBASE MAGNETIC335BASE MAGNETIC1 - Immediate
335 product page link
Published: 2010-04-29