Tough Contact Connector Series

Panasonic introduces elite-toughness connectors for demanding applications

Panasonic Tough Contact Connector SeriesPanasonic’s industry leading tough contact construction offers customers the opportunity to design-in highly reliable connectors, even in applications with extreme environmental conditions. Engineered for durability and long lifetime, Panasonic tough contact connectors increase:

  • Tolerance to twisting and dropping
  • Resistance to dust and foreign particles
  • Resistance to corrosive gases


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXF363500A datasheet linkSTACKING CONN 6P.8MM SOCKETAXF363500ASTACKING CONN 6P.8MM SOCKET437 - Immediate
AXF363500A product page link
AXF461500A product page link
AXF361500A datasheet linkB01 STACKING CONN SKT 0.6MMAXF361500AB01 STACKING CONN SKT 0.6MM0AXF361500A product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXT510124 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET F4S .4MM 10POS SMDAXT510124CONN SOCKET F4S .4MM 10POS SMD4337 - Immediate
1297 - Factory Stock
AXT510124 product page link
AXT530124 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET F4S .4MM 30POS SMDAXT530124CONN SOCKET F4S .4MM 30POS SMD9745 - Immediate
AXT530124 product page link
AXT640124 datasheet linkCONN HEADER F4S .4MM 40POS SMDAXT640124CONN HEADER F4S .4MM 40POS SMD3311 - Immediate
AXT640124 product page link
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P4 Series - AXK7

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXK724147G datasheet linkCONN SOCKET P4 .4MM 24POS SMDAXK724147GCONN SOCKET P4 .4MM 24POS SMD4878 - Immediate
AXK724147G product page link
AXK700147G datasheet linkCONN SCKT BRD/BRD .4MM 100PS SMDAXK700147GCONN SCKT BRD/BRD .4MM 100PS SMD2094 - Immediate
AXK700147G product page link
AXK750147G datasheet linkCONN SOCKET P4 .4MM 50POS SMDAXK750147GCONN SOCKET P4 .4MM 50POS SMD5967 - Immediate
AXK750147G product page link
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P4 Series - AXK8

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXK840145WG datasheet linkCONN HEADER P4 .4MM 40POS SMDAXK840145WGCONN HEADER P4 .4MM 40POS SMD2420 - Immediate
AXK840145WG product page link
AXK824145WG datasheet linkCONN HEADER P4 .4MM 24POS SMDAXK824145WGCONN HEADER P4 .4MM 24POS SMD1770 - Immediate
AXK824145WG product page link
AXK850145WG datasheet linkCONN HEADER BRD/BRD .4MM 50POSAXK850145WGCONN HEADER BRD/BRD .4MM 50POS1512 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
AXK850145WG product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXK500147BN1 datasheet linkCONN SOCKET BRD/BRD .5MM 100POSAXK500147BN1CONN SOCKET BRD/BRD .5MM 100POS23016 - Immediate
AXK500147BN1 product page link
AXK500147YG datasheet linkCONN SOCKET BRD/BRD .5MM 100POSAXK500147YGCONN SOCKET BRD/BRD .5MM 100POS15427 - Immediate
AXK500147YG product page link
AXK600247YG datasheet linkCONN HEADER BRD/BRD .5MM 100POSAXK600247YGCONN HEADER BRD/BRD .5MM 100POS3577 - Immediate
AXK600247YG product page link
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P8 Series - AXN3

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXN330130P datasheet linkCONN SOCKET .8MM 30POS SMDAXN330130PCONN SOCKET .8MM 30POS SMD3031 - Immediate
AXN330130P product page link
AXN330038P datasheet linkCONN SOCKET .8MM 30POS SMDAXN330038PCONN SOCKET .8MM 30POS SMD2141 - Immediate
AXN330038P product page link
AXN326038P datasheet linkCONN SOCKET .8MM 26POS SMDAXN326038PCONN SOCKET .8MM 26POS SMD1074 - Immediate
AXN326038P product page link
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P8 Series - AXN4

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXN430330P datasheet linkCONN HEADER .8MM 30POS SMDAXN430330PCONN HEADER .8MM 30POS SMD1909 - Immediate
AXN430330P product page link
AXN480430P datasheet linkCONN HEADER .8MM 80POS SMDAXN480430PCONN HEADER .8MM 80POS SMD2868 - Immediate
AXN480430P product page link
AXN424330P datasheet linkCONN HEADER .8MM 24POS SMDAXN424330PCONN HEADER .8MM 24POS SMD184 - Immediate
AXN424330P product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AXG110144A datasheet linkCONN SKT 10POS 0.35MM SMD GOLDAXG110144ACONN SKT 10POS 0.35MM SMD GOLD410 - Immediate
AXG110144A product page link
AXG120144A datasheet linkCONN SKT 20POS 0.35MM SMD GOLDAXG120144ACONN SKT 20POS 0.35MM SMD GOLD1392 - Immediate
AXG120144A product page link
AXG220144A datasheet linkCONN HDR 20POS 0.35MM SMD GOLDAXG220144ACONN HDR 20POS 0.35MM SMD GOLD1206 - Immediate
AXG220144A product page link
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Published: 2009-04-20